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Installing Pipx on Ubuntu

I recently paired up with another dev running windows with Ubuntu running in wsl, and we had a bit of a stuggle to get our project off the ground because they were missing com system dependencies to get going.

Straight in the terminal

Open up a terminal and get your required system dependencies using the apt package manager and the standard ubuntu repos.

sudo apt update sudo apt upgrade sudo apt install \
      python3-dev \
      python3-pip \
      python3-venv \
pip install pipx
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Using an Ansible-Playbook

I like running things like this through an ansible-playbook as it give me some extra control and repeatability next time I have a new machine to setup.

- hosts: localhost
  gather_facts: true
  become: true
  become_user: "{{ lookup('env', 'USER') }}"

    - name: update repositories
      apt: update_cache=yes
      become_user: root
      changed_when: False
    user: "{{ ansible_user_id }}"
    - name: Install System Packages 1 (terminal)
      become_user: root
          - build-essential
          - python3-dev
          - python3-pip
          - python3-venv
          - python3-virtualenv
    - name: check is pipx installed
      shell: command -v pipx
      register: pipx_exists
      ignore_errors: yes

    - name: pipx
      when: pipx_exists is failed
        name: pipx
        - pipx
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video clip

Here is a clip of me getting pipx running on ubuntu 21.10, and running a few of my favorite pipx commands.

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