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Glances webui with pipx

Glances has a pretty incredible webui to view system processes and information like htop, or task manager for windows.

The nice thing about the webui is that it can be accessed from a remote system. This would be super nice on something like a raspberry pi, or a vm running in the cloud. Its also less intimidating and easier to search if you are not a terminal junky.


You will need to install glances to use the glances webui. We can still use
pipx to manage our virtual environment for us so that we do not need to do so
manually or run the risk of globally installed package dependency hell.

pipx install glances pipx inject glances "glances[web]"
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You will be presented with this success message.

  injected package glances into venv glances
done! ✨ 🌟 ✨
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running the webui

Now that you have glances installed you can run it with the -w flag to run the webui.

glances -w
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This will present you with the following success message.

Glances Web User Interface started on
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Open it in your browser

Now that its running you can open your web browser to localhost:61208 and be presented with the glances webui.

running the glances webui on my system


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