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Opening files in vim from output of command

Many command line tools can output a list of files, this is quite powerful. I often want to search for something, then open it from a fuzzy picker. This can be done with fzf in the terminal, but often I am already in vim and I want to open it inside my current session.


how to pass a custom command to telescope

Telescope is the fuzzy file finder I use every day inside of neovim. Its pretty fantastic and easy to extent like this. This first example I am only passing in files from the current working directory by using ls.

:Telescope find_files find_command=ls
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This brings up a normal Telescope picker with results from the ls command.

More arguments

how to pass a muli-argument command to telescope

Adding more arguments can be done by comma separating them as shown in the example below. This command will run the silver-searcher, search for all occurrences of nvim inside of a markdown file, and return only the file paths so Telescope can pick from them.

:Telescope find_files find_command=ag,nvim,--md,-l
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