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Waylon Walker
Waylon Walker

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Tmux Pop size

tmux popups can be sized how you like based on the % width of the terminal on creation by using the flags (h, w, x, y) for height, width, and position.

# normal popup
tmux popup figlet "Hello"
# fullscreen popup
tmux popup -h 100% -w 100% -x 0% figlet "Hello"
# 75% centered popup
tmux popup -h 100% -w 75% -x 0% figlet "Hello"
# 75% popup on left side
tmux popup -h 100% -w 75% -x 0% figlet "Hello"
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Top comments (2)

gjorgivarelov profile image

I love tmux and never even explored this. Thank you Waylon.

waylonwalker profile image
Waylon Walker

It's super handy to make a nice and smooth ux compared to the more jarring new window for quick things.