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Waylon Walker
Waylon Walker

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Changing copier template strings (_endops)

I'm on a journey to template out all the boilerplate files in my life and I am currently playing with copier to see if it fits these needs

I was completely stuck for awhile. copier was not replacing my template variables. I found out that adding all these _endops fixed it. Now It will support all of these types of variable wrappers

# copier.yml
_templates_suffix: .jinja
  block_end_string: "%}"
  block_start_string: "{%"
  comment_end_string: "#}"
  comment_start_string: "{#"
  keep_trailing_newline: true
  variable_end_string: "}}"
  variable_start_string: "{{"
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!RTFM: Later I read the docs and realized that copier defaults to using [[ and ]] for its templates unlike other tools like jinja or cookiecutter.

This is a TIL, it will likely play a small role in a larger post later.

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