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🐍 Practice Python Online

When learning a new skill it's important to practice along the way. In order for me to show up to practice I need to make it easy to show up. An easy way to show up to practice with python is to use an online repl. With these, you can try out something quick. Sometimes I see snippets from blogs or tweets and I need to try them out for myself to really understand.

Three online REPLS

Here are three different options that I have used in the past to try out something at some various levels. I am sure there are plenty more, but these are three that I have tried. I am not covering all of them, because It's been a while since I have used one other than

Let's check out my favorite has been my go-to place to practice python away from my local machine. It's super quick to spin up a new "project" add files, install libraries, and run a script. It's not quite as nice as having all of my personal keyboard shortcuts and extensions, but its the closest thing I have found. example

Show up for Practice

The best way to learn something new in tech is to get your own fingers on the keyboard and start trying new things. Reading and watching videos is great to start, but to get a deep understanding for yourself you need to get your fingers on the keyboard. Make it easy for yourself and find several options that work well for you. is one tool that works well for me.

πŸ‘‡ Share a sweet REPL πŸ‘‡

If you have a repl that you are willing to share, put it in the comments section. Here is one I did recently that rainbow prints text.

{% replit @WaylonWalker/printerunpacker %}
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be sure to use the replit liquid tag

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