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I made a book ranking site based on Reddit discussion

Hi everyone,

Reddit is a great place to find honest book reviews. I love to spend time reading through recommendations and book club discussions. However sometimes searching through hundreds of posts and sub-reddits can get quite hectic.

So I decided to automate this process. Top Trend Books scans +100,000 Reddit posts and comments everyday to aggregate over 15,000 books. Each book is tagged, categorized, and ranked to enhance discovery.

Ranking system is based on up-votes, total references, and date of reference. Each Reddit reference's user ID is tracked to prevent self-promoting. Date base filter is extremely useful allowing Week, Month, Year, All range search.

It would be super exciting if you find a cool book that fits you. Also I would really appreciate if you could share your feedback and improvement thoughts :)

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Loftie Ellis

This is really cool. How are you parsing the posts to find the books? Are you just searching for amazon links? I was looking at the audiobook section, it might be worth it adding audible a source.
What would be really cools is to have a 'related to this book' part. For example I really enjoyed 'We are legion, we are bob', so I'm guessing that the posts where this book was mentioned should be links to other related books I might like.

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Thank you! As you mentioned, backend engine is scraping all amazon links to collect the ASINs. I really like your audible idea! I have add the tag, please check it out when you have a chance.

Related book section would definitely improve the user experience. Let me groom that thoughts. Thanks again!