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Daily spend tracker android app.

willteksoftwares profile image willteksoftwares ・1 min read

Hello, I have developed a simple android application to help in tracking our money usage in our day to day life.
I developed the application using android studio and Firebase, where users can log in using their google account to access the main page of the app.
Every time a person spends on something, lets say transport or food, they can use the app to record that expenditure, by selecting the item they have spent on, the amount they have spent, and a small note to describe their expenditure.
The app then saves that information in the firebase real-time database.
The total amount spent is fetched and displayed in the app by use of a text view, and this amount is updated everytime a user adds another item.
Finally, at the end of the day, a user will be able to see the total amount of money they have spent, and all the items they have spent their money on. At the beginning of the next day, the user will be presented with an empty screen, where he/she can record that day's spendings.
Here's the link to my YouTube channel, where I have described in more details. Am going to make tutorials, to help other developers be able to make an app like this too!
Thank you.


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