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Conlin Durbin
Conlin Durbin

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Non-computer based hobbies?

I spend a lot of time on the computer. Like 16 hours a day sometimes. I know that isn't great for my health, but I don't have a lot to do that isn't playing games, coding, or watching Netflix.

As such, I am looking for a new hobby. What kind of stuff do you like to do that doesn't involve a computer?

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Molly Struve (she/her)

Riding. Running. Snowboarding 😃Of that list, my number one hobby is horseback riding. I compete in show jumping and ride at least 5 days/week. Having that second little world to escape into is really great. If work is stressful, I can just escape by going to ride. Here is a video of me riding a couple weeks ago

My husband and I also have two corgis and while its not really a "hobby" nothing beats coming home after a long day and taking them for a walk together or to the park. Something about watching them happily run around just makes you forget everything else.

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Conlin Durbin

That's super cool! Your dogs are adorable!

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Maegan Wilson

I love corgis! I have one my self and one ear doesn't stay up. It's cute.

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Nick Taylor

Going to the gym, swimming lessons, snowboarding, Netflix and Chill, going out with friends, reading. That's what I got going on at the moment.

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Nick Taylor

There was rugby as well for almost 15 years, but I hung my boots up a while ago. I still miss it a lot.

I might take up indoor touch rugby next year. This fall was a bit of a doozy injury wise. I tore my right calf in November which made swimming lessons challenging. Swimming with just your arms for an hour is definitely a workout. 😅

All that to say, consider looking into sports in your area as well. It's fun, good exercise and you meet tonnes of people.

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Peter Kim Frank

I played Rugby in college and absolutely loved it. I was a second row at first, then played inside center once I got a bit lighter and quicker. I played touch fairly regularly in NYC after graduating, but couldn't get super into it. What position did you play?

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Nick Taylor • Edited

All over the map for the beginning of my rugby career. I played wing in high school for a year and then I started off playing scrum half/backrow while in CEGEP.

I started playing club and got tossed around from position to position so I switch clubs to go to the MIRFC. I started playing scrum-half for them and then when I went to university, I started my first year as scrum-half, second year at wing, third year as outside center and then from there, the rest of my career was at hooker.

Good times, good times. ;)

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Conlin Durbin

I played Hurling in college and there is a really good Pub League here in Indianapolis - I definitely need to get back into that. It's been winter, so they aren't playing. I used to swim in HS, maybe I should look into that!

Thanks for the tips!

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Anna Simoroshka

Drawing, walking and playing with my dog, biking, trying different sport activities (yet to find one I want to commit to), reading, learning languages (if we count things that are done not in front of computer, like reading or working with a text book).
I used to snowboard several times per winter week when I lived in a mountain town. Also did photography, amateur theater, crafting cosplay costumes, sewing and all kinds of crafts, attempted to learn a musical instrument...
There is too much stuff out there that I would like to do!

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K (he/him)

I started playing guitar because I could do it at the computer and it was something that could be done without one, haha. I got into contact with non-computer people that wanted to make music with me.

I also started to ride everywhere in the city by bike, that helped to get some exercise without explicitly exercising.

My girlfriends are into climbing/bouldering so I got into that too.

I also started lifting weights at home, because I am working from home and this can be done in 30minutes if you don't have to go to a gym.

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Dean Richardson 💻

I'm much the same as you, aside from the gaming, I do very little of that now. I am a full time developer, I code as a hobby too.

Possibly an extreme hobby to jump into but i'm also into motorcycles in a big way. Maybe not the best choice for someone that lives in the UK, we're not exactly blessed with good weather but if i'm not riding one, i'm working on one and it's nice to escape into the sunset (or the garage) to get away from it all for a bit!

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Jacob Herrington (he/him) • Edited

Indoor climbing/bouldering is something I've been doing for a month now. It's super fun and great exercise.

I also play a lot of Disc Golf. I usually walk 10 or 15 miles a week just from playing Disc Golf. It's a really open community and a great way to make friends too. It's everywhere, you can find courses all over the world and it's really cheap to get started and play forever.

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Ryan Palo

I've got a side-gig tutoring! Mostly it's middle/high school kids learning math (algebra and calculus). A little Python too. It's fun. :)

My other favorite thing is playing Ukulele! It's little and musical and makes me happy. Currently, this is the coolest song I know. (Caveat: I don't play it nearly as well.)

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Max Ong Zong Bao • Edited

Reading books can be good since it helps to expand your mind and how you view the world. I personally love to read if I'm in my local library, cafe, travelling and journal what I had learnt from the book.

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Sky • Edited

I love doing so many things I can't keep track lol,but it's mainly the gym ..I do powerlifting when I'm not coding or working.

But other great activities for me are mountain biking , running , hiking and landscape photography.

I think the point is to try them all and find out what works for you , but imo as programmers we lack the physical activity that our body needs , so I would definitely pick something that gets you moving and off the computer 😊

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Erhan Kılıç
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Luke Inglis

Another runner here. In addition to that I read a bunch and draw/paint when I can. I find having a more 'right brain' hobby can help keep my brain balanced. (There is no science there I'm aware of but shrug). I used to play music (mostly piano) but I have to young children and they usually want to play with me when I play. That is fun but hardly good practice. Drawing, painting, reading can all be done quietly after they're in bed for the night. I also enjoy, but am terrible, at chess (an other abstract strategy games as well) but AFK I don't get many opportunities to indulge that hobby either.

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Khoa Le

I began learning west coast swing over a year ago and let me tell you it is really fun. Found some amazing dance communities locally and made a tons of friends. You just have to be brave to consistently put yourself out there for the first few weeks when you have absolutely no idea what to do.

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Conlin Durbin

Oh nice! This is some really great information! I should check out the Kendo thing, seems neat!

I have a bike, but it has been super cold here lately, so I haven't ridden much.

I play D&D at work, but a weekend game would be a lot of fun! I travel a lot on the weekends, unfortunately, so I don't know how reliable my schedule would be.

Thanks for the ideas!

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Michael Tharrington

Like others here, I love to play music: mostly jamming on guitar or my upright bass, (though I also have a programmable midi synth pad, but hey — no computers 😉 haha!)

Anyway, I generally approach music without much structure or discipline — I like to just make things up and try to keep cool rhythms, but I rarely learn actual songs. I improvise tunes that I enjoy and it feels good to release that creativity without having too much of a plan. I think it's particularly fun if you have some friends that you can get up with and play... and hey, it's never too late to learn!

Aside from music, I've always enjoyed hiking and getting outdoors. I've thought about trying to get into photography to make my nature walks more productive, but honestly, I think that would make my outdoor time feel a bit more like work. Again, technology creeping into everything. And kind of like my approach to music, with random walks in the woods it's nice to just get a good unstructured release.

Which brings me to another one of my hobbies — swimming. Swimming is another one of these activities with zen-like qualities. At times when I'm swimming, my mind drifts off to other places and my body is just kind of going through the rhythm. It's an awesome exercise... undeniably a great workout, but also I like the freedom it allows your mind to drift while you're doing it.

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Aizaz Khaja

Look into creative pursuits if physical activity isn't the main objective here.

I like to occasionally draw random things. It doesn't have to have a purpose for me, sometimes I just want to take my brush pen and draw imaginary characters, or look up a google image and try to draw it with my own unique flavoring.

Try an instrument! I like to pick up my guitar (self taught) and mostly just mess around with it for a little bit. Sometimes it's a good stress reliever too, or you can use it to work through problems in the back of your head while you tune in.