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👌Best Mobile🖥 App ideas for developer's⌨ in 2019🖱

As a developer our work is not just to make applications.But creates that going to be useful for the betterment of the people and also make their lives simplier. so Here some of the best ideas for that..

1. Application for Elderly People

Everyone needs additional care and attention as they age, and elderly people are gradually becoming an increasingly large category of app users. Imagine an idea for ​​an app that will make their lives easier by planning their daily activities, reminding them about medications and utility bills, or simplifying the ordering and delivery of food products for their individual diet.

2. Truckloader Best App Idea

Many people want to shift or deliver goods to places in a short time, however, they do not get the right services at the right time. On the other hand, vehicles return empty after unloading their goods. Truckloader is the app that will provide information about vehicles that are available to take goods.

3. Interior Designer

Decorating your home with the right items is not easy. This app will take a picture of the user’s room and allow to visualize it with different available interior designing options, like, carpets, curtains, wall paint, etc. It’ll also show the chosen product’s dealer in the nearby area and will ease the interior designing process.

4. Musician Hub

Musician Hub will be able to provide a helping hand to the musicians and bands to find their band members. It’ll also have a feature that will find gigs for the bands which would particularly be beneficial for those who are recently starting in this field.

5. JobBank

Next good app idea is an application both for applicants and employers dedicated to work search.Yes, I know what you may say: “We have a plenty of them!”. It is true, but how wearily it is to post and update your CV on the multiple platforms? Isn’t it better to post it just once?The idea of the app is that the user can post/update CV one time only. The app will post/update CV on all work platforms the user has specified and signed in. Employers will have the same opportunity – post a job position once and update it everywhere.

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Awesome list. Here are a few more mobile app ideas for those still looking