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How to get back after failures in life?

If you look at the setbacks in life, one can argue that life is not fair. But in reality, these ups and downs are what makes life interesting. Each setback gives valuable lessons and principles to live a successful life. But whenever something drastic happens and we are at our lowest going back seems impossible. Though, as always, you know that everything will be back to normal, but still.

A few months ago, something similar happened to me as well. But this time, in my quest of going back to normal and being productive. I found a set of small steps that you all can follow:

You can’t fix everything at once 🤷🏻‍♂️

Most of the time, to deal with setbacks, people bring chaos to other parts of life. Like you may stop doing exercises, start drinking, pick up fights with loved ones and so on. This happened to a lot of people in Lockdown. So when you sit down and think in these moments, everything starts looking out of place. The worst part is, to fix all of them at once, you start failing again and again. That starts kind of a chain reaction of negativity.

I recommend starting with the one section of your life that you have the most control over. Start with work or health, anything but one thing at a time. Try to bring that thing in order first, before jumping to the next one.

The power of the checklist ✅

Nothing is as effective as this simple thing, checklists. Start with adding 2-3 tasks to your list and try to check them off. In case you couldn’t, shift that to the next day and go on like this. To maintain a checklist, you can use a notebook, an app or just plain paper. For me, the bullet journal is the most effective way. I use this Notion Bullet Journal as a template for Notion. It’s very effective.

Enjoy and celebrate small victories 🎉

When you started working on that one thing, and you make small wins, celebrate it. You need that personal appreciation, a reminder that you are not defeated yet. Which is very important after everything that you have gone through. These small wins give you the courage to keep going and that's what you need the most.

Repeat this again in other sections of your life, till you way past your failures. Remember people look up to you and no matter what you have to keep fighting, losing, standing up and winning. This is the way

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Pelayo Méndez

This is the way.

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Sarthak Sharma


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When the wind blows so hard it almost knocks you down on the hard concrete. It is not trying to hurt you, it is trying to teach you to be strong.

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Sarthak Sharma


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Sajal Arora

Good content. Really helpful.

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I needed this. thank you

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Sarthak Sharma

Glad this could help.

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Amal Joy

Great and bullet journal is awesome 🔥😇

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Babajide Ibiayo

Sure that's the way back out of life downtimes