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Manage all your home 🏡chores with this Notion Template🔥

manpreet profile image Manpreet virk Updated on ・2 min read

Hey folks 👋🏼.
Just launched another Product on the Product hunt. It's a template that helps you optimize your housework 🏠 + your life ♥️

Home Chore Manager

It's hard to make a new list for a task that repeats every day - introducing a feature that lets you set recurring tasks so that it updates on its own and relieves you of that work entirely. So now, check that task off, and be more productive! Make a proper chore list that is recurring and you'll be able to efficiently track it in the template.

In this template, you'll get the following features -

Add Chores

Add household chores you want to track and fill out these Properties

  • Frequency: How often the chore should be repeated (Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Seasonally, Semi-Annually, Annually)
  • Last Done: An initial date for when you last did this chore
  • Assigned To: For easily tracking chores for a household. Easy to filter the tasks on a personal page to show only things assigned to yourself
  • Rooms: Good to reference what room to do the chore in, especially useful if you want to have the same chore separated into different rooms Alt Text

Update Status

When you complete a chore, simply update the date in the Last Done

  • The Do Next column will update automatically based on the frequency
  • The Status will change to display Done
  • The status will automatically update to let you know when the task is Due in # days, Due today, or Overdue.

Calendar View

Alt Text
Chores will be shown in the calendar view according to their Do next date. Users can use this section to keep a track of the present and upcoming day chores.

Board view

Alt Text
A board view of added chores makes it easy to move a task from one frequency to other just like those Kanban boards.

Timeline View

Alt Text
The timeline view lists down all the added chores. The view can be arranged for a week/month/quarter to keep track of chores.

Want One?

Here is your link 👉 Home Chore Manager

We are on Producthunt today. Go show some love here.
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Manas P

It is hard to memorize all household activities for each day and sometimes some works are forgotten and kept undone.
By using this template there will be no more pending works.
Thank you for making humans life easier.

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Manpreet virk Author

Glad you liked it😊

winzig_hying profile image

First of all, I wanna appreciate the consistency and dedication that shines through prototion's work. They put out templates consistently, without compromising the quality. It is easy to notice how much thought goes into their products and how dedicated they are to churn out bright ideas.

manpreet profile image
Manpreet virk Author

Thanks Tanvi😊

priya_srivastava profile image
Priya Srivastava

I gotta say, I planned my day using this template today, and now I have been brought out of the fear of too much being overdue. If I could suggest one template that can solve your planning struggles in a jiffy - it'll be this one.

manpreet profile image
Manpreet virk Author

Yeah, This template is saviour🔥

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