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DeepfakeHTTP v6.1.1

The new release of DeepfakeHTTP brings new features.

One of the cool new features is that templates can now be populated with data from an external JSON file.
Moreover, requests can modify this file dynamically using JavaScript and give a full impression of a real server. At any time you can export a dump with updated JSON and use it in the future.

In this release (v6.1.1):

  • New option --db <file|url> json/yaml/csv memory file to populate templates
  • New option --db-export <file> export memory to json file
  • New option --db-path <path> serve live memory file at specified context
  • New option --js <file|url>...  JavaScript file(s) for script engine context
  • New option --no-bak disable backup old memory file before overwrite
  • New response header X-Handler-XGI XGI (Extended Gateway Interface) program
  • New response header X-Handler-CGI CGI (Common Gateway Interface) program
  • New response header X-Handler-JS JavaScript response handler function
  • Default 'Not found' status changed from 400 to 404
  • Cheatsheet page updated.
  • Bug fixes
  • Minor code enhancements
  • Documentation updated
  • Release on top of Tommy v10.0.10

Thank you to all the people who helped with advice, suggestions, and participation!

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DeepfakeHTTP is a web server that uses HTTP dumps as a source for responses.

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Ben Halpern

This is a really interesting project

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Thank you!