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Tim Ermilov
Tim Ermilov

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BxJS Weekly Episode 23 - javascript news podcast

Hey community!

BxJS Weekly Episode 23 is now out! 🚀
Listen to the best javascript news of the week in a podcast form right here.
You can find all the mentioned links here on github.

You can also watch or listen to this episode on:

Any feedback is appreciated 😁

Additional stuff:

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Top comments (3)

eduardobilk profile image
Eduardo Bilk

hey you aren't on Pocket cast, whats your feed url so i can list you there, i'd love to follow your content

yamalight profile image
Tim Ermilov

hey, I'm new to (proper) podcasting so I have no idea what's Pocket cast 😅
If by feed you mean RSS, then I don't really have one. I think Soundcloud has RSS and Youtube definitely does (although that'd include more than just BxJS Weekly) 🤔

eduardobilk profile image
Eduardo Bilk

Pocket cast is just a podcast app by shiftjelly (just like castbox).

Yeah, i meant RSS :P

To anybody who also need it:

keep the good work, Tim!