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I have two things on my list:

  1. A good pair of Bluetooth headphones now that I started commuting using public transportation.

  2. A kindle, for the same reason.

Will be nice to be able to use my commute to catch up on my reading/podcasts.

BTW, looking for recommendations for the headphones, if you have any!


You can't go wrong with the classic Bose QuietComfort. I bought mine a year ago and they have been fantastic: I work from home and never hear my three year old when I am working. They are expensive but if you are looking for top tier, these are great (heard good things about the Sony WH-1000XM3 as well)


I own the Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones. They are the best headphones I've ever owned. The noise cancellation is sometimes TOO good! 😊


Can vouch for the Bose QC35's! Bought them a year or so ago and couldn't live without them now. An absolute blessing if you are working in an agency/office environment, the noise cancelling is crazy good.


The XM3 are great headphones - music and noise cancellation are outstanding. Unfortunately I also wanted headphones for long conference calls, and they were pretty bad at that in my experience. Bose QC35 are not as good for music (for my tastes), equal at noise cancellation, and much better on calls. YMMV though, and either are great headphones.

Yeah I've never trusted the QC35 for calls, I got the Plantronics Focus Headset for that instead.


I love the Jabra wireless earbuds! I have the 65t -- the noise cancelling is great but I love that I can deactivate it and stay vigilant walking around at night. It always pairs really quickly and I have no complaints on the sound quality. No expert there though!



Turning off noise cancellation easily is a useful feature!


The sennheiser HD 4.50BT is pretty neat, and also supports active noise reduction when going through mini-jack.


I didn't know I needed good Bluetooth headphones until I got a pair.


Beats studio 3. They came free with a new mac laptop I got for data science bootcamp. I'd never have paid full price for them, but now I like them so much I'd actually consider it. Although I'd more likely look for a cheaper brand with equal or comparable performance.


A longer HDMI cable, so I can connect my PC to my TV.

I'm actually surprised my list is so short, but I guess that shows I've got pretty much all I want in terms of tech gear. That's a good thing, and kind of a surprise.


I recall buying a hilariously long HDMI cable from MonoPrice a while back (maybe 50ft?), might be worth checking their products out.


This was before Chromecast and for some reason I wanted to hook up a desktop in a bedroom to the TV in the living room downstairs haha.

That seems like the kind of great idea that would be way too impractical too use.


Just a kindle, If I can buy one since Iran is under US sanctions and I can't order it from amazon. :(


Me and my BF have a shared list.

  • Ring cam for the backyard. Preferably the floodlight combo.
  • Wink home automation system
  • Smartwatch for me (maybe)
  • TV for the basement

The first two are things we've been meaning to get for a while, so if there's a good deal we'll jump on them. The later two are nice to haves if there is a good deal.


I would love to buy a vinyl turntable, but I don't have too much money :(


Have you looked for previously-owned turntables? Maybe find an estate sale/garage sale and look for one? You can usually find great deals on used turntables.


Thanks Sherri, but I'm living in Colombia :( not much options available on the fleas market.


Electronics, a lot's of it :) Arduino shields, ESP32, led screens, oled, ...


Survive Black Friday/Cyber Monday without buying tech I don't really need because I already have noise-canceling headphones. 😅

  • I'm looking at you airpods pro! 👀

I bought the new kindle yesterday and I'm so excited about ya O this black Friday week.
I''ve been seeking a nice price to get it. The last kindle I had was the 1st version!, broke it a year ago :(.

Now my wishlist is about a nice case for it or a support base for my Macbook.
And a new job.


A replacement to my Plasma TV. Upgrading to 4k and trying to figure out if TVs really last 8+ years anymore.

Tech-wise ... been contemplating letting go of the 12.9" iPad Pro for a 10" with Pen support and officially replacing my work notebooks. Not sure I can quite justify the costs though.


The way prices are headed downward, I don't think we're far from the day that a TV joins the ever-growing list of "disposable" tech. ( least for entry-level and mid-grade units.)

This summer, I picked up a 50" 4K TCL 4-Series TV for less than $375 (CAD). Between Roku streaming, satellite receiver, Blueray/DVD, and light XBox One play; so far so good! A friend bought the 65" model from the same series and uses it exclusively for gaming--no complaints from him either.


Hi all! Here’s a UX course for founders/coders presale! Cyber Monday deal $200 toward the course. Lifetime access to updates as well.

Also: you can ping us directly if you have any questions or specific course requests.



I wish I could buy tech that wasn’t built with military contracts or slave labor but that excludes, Microsoft, Amazon and virtually every other large tech conglomerate


Bose QuietComfort headphones have been invaluable to me during my long commutes on BART.

Nothing else I've tried has been able to reduce BART's banshee screech.


I've been thinking about getting some AfterShokz, although I hadn't considered the advantages of noise cancellation.... 🤔


For me, a nice, ergonomic mouse.
None of that gamer stuff, I'm looking at just comfortable mice and hopefully one that has a scroll wheel toggle to quickly scroll through huge files.


I really need to put a moratorium on spending leading up to this time of year. I've got nothing in the queue.


Oops, I lied. If these go on sale I'd be hard-pressed not to give them a try.

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