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Hacktoberfest - Week 2 (To be continued...)

Here comes my second PR.

This is a tough one for me. I was planning to find one issue that is just slightly more difficult than my first one. However, while I found out that this issue might take me a longer time than I expected, I've been working on it for more than 2 days. It is a bit late to just give up and looking for a new one.

This issue is to add keyboard shortcuts to filter the image search results to an amazing chrome extension called Web Search Navigator. As I mentioned in the Hacktoberfest - Week 1 post, I want to work with browser extension repos to gain the experience and hopefully start my browser extension project by the end of 2020. This is the second browser extension repo that I contribute to.

I started this feature by viewing the other feature such as keyboard shortcuts for switching all, image, video tabs. My goal is to find out the name of the trigger to toggle between different sizes of image search results. It is more difficult than I thought. While using the developer tool to check to element attribute names. However, I noticed that I can't find the pattern or relevant logic of those attribute names, which means that, there is a big chance that Google might change these property names in the future. Moreover, since I can't seem to find the logic of calling these image sizes, I'll have to select these elements and click them to get the functionalities work. The thing is, this makes my code very ugly, and it might be broken if Google changes these seem-to-be-randomlly assigned attribute names.

I wanted to send the PR until I am satisfied with my code. However, I still need to keep myself on the schedule, which means I have to send the PR by the end of the second week, and that was Oct 18th. After ensuring the functionalities work fine, I submitted the PR. To be honest, I am not happy with the code that I sent.

I need to find the third and the fourth PR to accomplish my Hacktoberfest. To me, it is a bit overwhelmed and I'm not always satisfied with what I contribute. I think this is the challenge that I have to overcome. Not only to improve my skills for providing better quality work in a limited time but also, to get used to the stress and some negative mood. I'll keep working on this PR in week 3 and maybe week 4 while working on the last 2 PRs. The new challenge for me in the upcoming weeks will be time management. Fingers crossed!

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Timothy Merritt

Nice job! And remember, part of the whole reason Hacktoberfest exists is to help push you to work on things that might be challenging or seem like they’re “beyond” your current level. But that’s how you learn and improve! Mistakes are opportunities to understand how to do something different the next time.

If you’re interested in doing some more PRs for Hacktoberfest, I have a repo that still needs lots of help. Check it out here and see if you might want to contribute.

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Yuan-Hsi Lee

Thank you for the kind words! I'd love to contribute to your repo and thank you for building this meaningful repo.