Explain FlexBox Like I'm Five

zubairmohsin33 profile image Zubair Mohsin ・1 min read

Hi Devs, I am PHP/Laravel (Backend) Developer most of my time. Started learning CSS few days ago. Now I am trying to understand FlexBox in CSS.

Any kind of help in understanding the FlexBox concept or making the learning easier would be much appreciated.

Share your thoughts, resource links for learning. Anything.


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Flexbox is best used for laying out items in a row. Imagine your a teacher, you could have your students line up single file in a flexbox closest to the you because they are rowdy (flex-start) or away from you because she isn’t feeling well and doesn’t want to get the kids sick (flex-end).

Flexbox froggy
Flexbox cheatsheet


Thank you :)


Hey Zubair,

When I was learning Flexbox, this was the best cheat sheet I saw. It's easy on the eyes and has most of everything for you to learn. Just take your time :) jonibologna.com/blog/flexbox-cheat...


Thank you :)


Holly Molly didn't know it was available on YouTube 😱

Thank you 🙏🏼