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What's with the 🦄?

4lch4 profile image Devin W. Leaman twitter logo github logo ・1 min read  

So, I've been on for a while now and I have yet to figure out or decide exactly what to do with the unicorn 🦄 reaction to posts.

My thoughts so far end with you'd use it if a post is one of a kind, a unicorn you might say. (I'll see myself out)

But really, I'm curious what your thoughts are and if I just missed something massive that tells me exactly what it is. Thanks in advance 😊

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Sometimes you just want to drop a unicorn on something.


How can I drop a unicorn on this comment ha? Wait, 🦄!


I use it as "I like the content very much", sort of a super like.
I know different people give it different meanings, that's why it's a mythical creature :D


"That's why it's a mythical creature." Well that's a great way to sum it up.


Rating systems are a pretty interesting problem

I'd be interested to hear @ben or who designed this feature's thoughts. [what does this button do?] buttons can be very informative if used right.


Unicorns typically represent an especially positive connotation in our industry. Unicorn devs, unicorn companies, it’s the things that are wonderful.

Emoji reactions are always a bit abstract and I made no effort to dictate the purposes.

One thing to note: I’d like to have a longer list of reaction types you can choose from like in Slack, just haven’t gotten around to building that out, or even describing it to others.


Ooo, now that would be really awesome. Maybe now that is open source the community could lend a hand.

Yeah, definitely. A good part of the issue is fickle UI/product stuff, which is a bit harder to get contribution on at this point, but anything we can do to improve the code and make it more moldable is helpful!


I've always considered it to mean "Great idea, but you're dreaming, it'll never be implemented" A bit sad if it turns out people actually use it to support an idea as actually being a useful one! Oh the vaguries of emotions! 🤦‍♂️


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but so far you're the only one who uses it this way, at least on my little post here.

I'd definitely be interested to hear if anyone else uses it this way too.


I always thought that Unicorn was an insulting. It's just a cultural thing. Drug addicted people see unicorns and I thought voting with unicorn was a real dislike for the post owner. But then I read what it really was. Still don't use it :P


Following what rhymes and Angel have said, I always interpreted it as "surreal" content 😄


I tend to use it when I find something extremely good or when I determine that it requires a lot of expertise/skill to write/demo about, I'm picky with my unicorns :P


I google the meaning of Unicorn and I find this "something that is highly desirable but difficult to find or obtain."


Thanks for asking this! I'm new around here and went searching for an answer immediately: I wanted to make sure I was using it according to its intent.

But it seems like there is no dictated purpose, and people use them variously to mean "super dislike", "super like", and anything in-between or other. 😅

I think I'll avoid using it, and stick with ❤️for things I like, as I haven't yet found someone who interpreted it negatively. For all else, I'll respond with no reaction or a constructive comment; constructive comments seem better than "dislike" reactions. To me, anyways.


The devs might misuse it as a popcorn, not a unicorn ;)


I always thought of it as marking something as "unique". Just because unicorns are basically a pretty radical animal hybrid.

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