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What computer mouse do you use?

andrewbaisden profile image Andrew Baisden ・1 min read

I am currently using an Apple Magic Mouse 2 and I used to think that it was amazing. However lately I have realised that it might not actually be that comfortable in long term usage. This has become quite apparent recently especially when gaming which requires intense focus. I find that the sides of the mouse tend to feel quite sharp if you hold it too tight. And lets not forget about the Apple Magic Mouse 2's biggest flaw...

Apple Mouse


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I've mostly given up on using mouse a couple years ago and I switched to Apple's Magic Trackpad.

At times mouse is clearly superior though, like gaming, then I use Logitech MX 2s (I think it's the same as in the image on top). It has a few configurable buttons, it's quite ergonomic (although not as great as MX Vertical) and you can use it while charging ;) the downside in comparison to Magic Mouse is that there are no gestures there


I have an Apple Magic Trackpad 2 which I bought at the same time as my Apple Magic Mouse 2. However I have not used it in about 1 year but I have been considering giving it another go. It's not like I really used it for long enough to get used to it. The only thing is though like you said it might not be that great for gaming. The Logitech MX series is under consideration. I think I would be likely to buy the Master version.


I have a Magic Trackpad 2... I really had to push myself to stick with it. It was definitely hard to get accustomed to and there are situations where a more traditional mouse is better. However, I’m glad I stuck with it as I now enjoy it much more than the Magic Mouse.

The gestures are super helpful for me and the trackpad is far superior at that than the Magic Mouse. I also find the hand fatigue with the Magic Trackpad to be considerable less. But I did purchase a slim mouse wrist rest to support my hand and create a more neutral wrist angle for me. I might not be as happy without that little addition.

I agree I might as well give it a chance otherwise its just sitting there doing nothing :)


I had the same mouse as you and I switched to the Logitech MX Master 3. One thing I like about this mouse is that you can setup gesture controls on it so you can hold down a button and move the mouse left or right to switch workspaces. Also it’s ergonomic so it feels comfortable for long term usage. Also it works on Windows, Mac and Linux :)

Coming from a Magic Mouse I would say it will take some time to get used to though. A week later it feels normal but at first it was definitely weird.


Ergonomics, comfortable and gestures those are the buzz words I like hearing.


On my Mac, I use the trackpad as I feel comfortable and accurate with it. Also, I find the gestures to be really useful.

For my PC, I use a Razer Deathadder Elite, as I like to game and it's just perfect. It's a large mouse (which I prefer) and I can accurately click on things quite quickly, such as getting headshots 😂 or closing tabs in Chrome.


Using Logitech MX Master right now. Very comfortable.


Ah. 3rd one. Got it couple of months ago. 🙂

Took me some time to get used to the way its scroll works, but every other mouse I use feels like it has a ancient scroll.


I currently use a generic mouse that I picked up from a random PC store a few months before the lockdown. It costs a little south of 100PHP (~$2). I can point and click with it, so no complains from me!

But back home I use a Logitech G103. I don't have much use for the programmable keys (aside from gaming), but it feels nice and snappy to use. I have it since 2017.


That infinite scroll on the mx master be hitting different.
Sinking to the bottom of that code block like a free fall elevator.
Also since we on the topic of scrolling.
Infinite scrolls are inhumane! ☠️


I'm using Logitech MX Vertical Ergonomic and I love it since it helps keeping a natural hand pose. Once gotten used to (took me just a few minutes), I didn't want to miss it. It also doesn't have the design floaw of the Magic Mouse and can be charged via USB-C.


Using the Logitech G604 right now. Was using the G602 prior to that. It has a great feel in my hands, as well as enough customizability to make coding and other tasks easier. I also like the Bluetooth capabilities on it and that a single AA battery lasts me half a year.


Been using a Steelseries Sensei for some years now and no complaints as of yet - I personally chose it because the mouse itself isn't bulky and steelseries so far hasn't had any bad quality in production (in my experience).


MX Master 2s is the one mouse to rule them all, unless you have small hands!

My first one of these broke after many hours of use, so I bought another one recently. Maybe next time I'll got for new and improved MX Master 3...

Although the thumb pad design on the new version is nowhere near as good.


I used to have the original MX Master many years ago so I know its a pretty good mouse. Yes the 2s vs 3 that might be what my decision comes down to. And the price difference.


Funny thing is, I no longer use one. I spent some time learning VIM & keyboard shortcuts for most of the stuff I use. And for the things that can't be accessed with a shortcut, my PC actually has a touch screen. 😏


None. I use a Magic Trackpad, works well, considering I mostly navigate through everything using the keyboard anyway (shortcuts and all).


I currently use a Zowie FK1 because I play a lot of FPS games. It is a pretty nice mouse if you want a clean mouse without a lot of unnecessary buttons!


Interesting is it wired or wireless?


Wired. Pretty sure the brand only manufactures wired mouses, since they are aimed at more "serious" gamers.


I love the way this post specifies, "computer" mouse.

Because otherwise most of us would post pictures of field mice. You know your audience too well!


Logitech MX Ergo. Its a wireless trackball. Very comfortable.


This is going to be a common answer, but the MX master is just good. I use it on my Mac, and the app Logitech provide allows you to make the mouse function like a trackpad experience really easily


Using a Razer Basilisk. No complaints as of yet


I have thought about buying a Razer mouse which model do you have?


rapoo mt750s is love of my workstation.


I use a digital pen. XP Pen Star 03, it's very efficient.


I use a 1st generation Apple Magic Trackpad. I love the gestures it offers and it doesn’t staying my hand or wrist.


I love the logitec g305. Does well for the daily use as well as the gaming needs. quite lightweight and classy nifty hardware.


I use a touchpad and I get a lot of hate for it when someone is supposed to do something on my PC. And this is why I spend eternity picking a new laptop and I need it to be in some showroom.


Logitech G305! It's has only what it needs, a fantastic sensor, insane battery life, and super reliable. Got a spare one in the closet just in case!


When I was on Apple I used the Magic Mouse, but after switching to Linux I’ve been using a Logitech MX Master.


A wired USB Microsoft Intellimouse... just never seen the need to move away and they last forever. I have three of them I think! (always connected to a Mac or Raspberry Pi).


I use the MX Master 2 and it's amazing. I have been using it a little over a year now without any issues.


I use a trackpoint, because it's always where it's supposed to be and doesn't get in the way.


MX Master 2, will probably upgrade to 3'd version soon..