What's your favorite useless repo/package/website/etc?

Andy Zhao on September 08, 2017

So I'm trying to remedy my carpal tunnel by considering making the decision to give up my mouse completely, and use only the keyboard. I look throu... [Read Full]
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I really love using cfonts to spice up my shell scripting :)


Definitely got to keep that one in mind :-) . Also, I guess it tells a lot about your mindset if you write down the whole alphabet and 0 to 9 as a list instead of going [A-Z], [0-9] :-D


I use figlet to tell me what machine I've shelled into. Non-useless, because I'm an idiot and will get it wrong otherwise!

Also, piping it through lolcat makes it all pretty.


The BlessYourCodeTag is definitely up there on my list.

Also, activate-power-mode. (Thanks @ben )


Hell yes, I'm very glad activate-power-mode exists.

Now with a COMBO MODE!!!


I used this package when taking lecture notes all last semester, it helped to keep things interesting in non-CS courses.


We should eventually add the ability to render things easily on the window bitmap to Emacs someday...


I've seen that being used in a Code in the Dark challenge. It was hilarious as hell!


I used it some time with my hyper.js terminal...

When I saw your comment, my first imagination was how you sit in front of your keyboard, smashing the keys, almost turning into a super saiyajin :D


We've got GitHub flavored markdown, so it's like so:


We'll definitely add it in the markdown cheatsheet though, not the first time someone's wondered. 🙃


This one is funny and potentially useful once every blue moon: foaas.com/


TrumpScript - Making Python Great Again (github.com/samshadwell/TrumpScript)

It's a programming language inspired by Trump, and as a result is entertaining to read about but impossible to make use of for anything serious (as the docs say). Here's some of the features:

No floating point numbers, only integers. America never does anything halfway.
All numbers must be strictly greater than 1 million. The small stuff is inconsequential to us.
There are no import statements allowed. All code has to be home-grown and American made.
Instead of True and False, we have the keywords fact and lie.


I created an automated religious API so you can pray the API god with an API call. Basically, automating religion. Jagon API
I usually pray whenever I start a build in my CI. Completely useless.


This is pretty much the most useless thing I've ever seen
alt text
Even says it's useless in the class


In an effort to catch Ruby up to the crazy number of Node.js modules, I wrote and released is_even during a lightning talk. You can see the video here: youtu.be/UT0Rl_EJNN4?t=795


Not useful by itself, but definitely one of my favourite non-things is example.com.

Together with example.net and example.org it's reserved as per rfc2606.

I don't know if this qualifies as useless as there's use for it.…


Since I spend a lot of time on Twitter discussing politics, chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/... (addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/a...) is a must in these dark times.

I also have been naming my hosts with nsaname (npmjs.com/package/nsaname)

Disclaimer: I built them.


I really like sl, it displays a steam locomotive when you type sl instead of ls. Not cancelable of course!


I was suffering from pretty bad RSI. I switched the mouse from my right to my left hand for a year, but I'd already made sure I could do most stuff without the mouse.

Switching from QWERTY to COLEMAK helped a lot too, and one of the most important things was getting a mechanical split-hand keyboard. Currently using the ErgoDox EZ.


I do not have a favorite but I am amazed by the small NPM packages that can be replaced by JS6+ or Lodash.


Favorite useless repo: »No Code - The best way to write secure and reliable applications« github.com/kelseyhightower/nocode

Favorite useless package: Good old »cowsay« packages.ubuntu.com/de/trusty/cowsay / packagist.org/packages/alrik11es/c...

Favorite useless website: »/dev/null as a Service« devnull-as-a-service.com/code/


I'm super distracted by the header image setting a class variable on instance initialization and the type error in lonely_method.


It's served it's purpose then. 😉

I'm not that big on linters, but the gray lines really irked me when I wrote that up.


I'm very fond of the useless tools I make. Unpepefy - github.com/rbanffy/unpepefy (and its back-end, Naziscore - github.com/rbanffy/naziscore) is one such thing.

Another useless tool (I prefer the term "inutility") is github.com/rbanffy/selectric-mode. It makes your Emacs sound important. Some people add it as a minor mode for Markdown so they feel better about writing documentation.

Another one is github.com/rbanffy/nsaname, a tool I made so I could properly assign codenames to projects or just make server names sound cooler. Who doesn't like to ssh to deity-maker so that they can work on KrakenGibson HX.


CLI for downloading sub-directory of any Github repository using Github Content API!


My favorite tool is: Github Sectory.


Bahaha I like the issues and PRs, like "Dockerize the app," "make code coverage bigger," and "split the monolith."


I did not write this but i do really enjoy this php library table-flip made by @SaraMG


That Readme for BlessYourCodeTag is everything I wanted it to be. Hyper terminal has several fun plugins too!


I never knew this existed. Thank you. This is perfect.

I was bored working on a mockup and realized that there isnt a picard ipsum generator. Something fun for this weekend I think.


Have to give a shout-out to Swearjure: Valid Clojure without any alphanumeric characters!


Thank God!!!
Nobody is asking me to show my ridiculously messed up git repository.. 😊😊


Awww man, I was secretly hoping that by pressing the [bless | ramen] button, an option to bless the creator with a pack of ramen would show up. Hope your wrists are feeling better Andy!


That would be amazing!

Also, thanks about the wrists :) They're getting there!


My favourite useless time waster is webpack. I can spend days, weeks in front of it, just to realize probably I will get a less sized project if I completely abandone it.


Has to be fukol-grids
I'm surprised this one hasn't been posted yet!


I like Dogescript enough to mirror their website after it went down. dogescript.science


Hahaha I started using VS Code not too long ago. I might need to use this.

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