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Create:Frontend: 5 Ways to Learn from This Event!

Want to do more with static web apps?

Join us at CREATE:Frontend on Jul 29 (8:30am PDT / 11:30am EDT) for a 4-hr free virtual event with 8 talks and a 90-minute hands-on workshop to jumpstart your static web apps journey

Bookmark our anchor post and do check back for updates

On July 29 we are running Create: Frontend, a virtual half-day event focused on learning and exploration for front-end developers.

The event is free and live-streamed, and features speakers and topics ranging from static websites and accessibility, to remoe work, inclusive design and visual storytelling. Here are 5 things you can do to get the most from the event.

1. Watch Sessions, Engage With Speakers!

You can find all the sessions here, on our anchor post.

We recommend you bookmark that page and revisit it later to get updates when on videos, resources and more.

Most talks are just 15 minutes long, but each has a page where we encourage you to post comments or ask questions.
Speakers will spend 15 minutes after their session on Q&A and take questions via these comments. Once the live Q&A is over, we will post an update on that page. Subsquent questions may be answered at the discretion (and availability) of speakers.

2. Attend the Hands-on Workshop!

Nothing helps you learn and use new ideas like a hands-on workshop. We've got a 90-minute session for you to dig in deep into building and deploying web apps with your favorite JavaScript framework. Learn more here and don't miss it!

3. Follow the Azure Organization on!

Most of the speakers and moderators are members of the Azure Organization on These include members from the Developer Relations teams and Product Groups.

By following the organization, you can be notified of the latest content posted by the team, and get early notice about other such virtual events that we will run in the future.

4. Explore the Resources!

Want to continue your static web apps journey? We have you covered! Here are three places to start:

Alt Text

5. Watch the keynote!!

Yes, join Daria Grigoriu, and me, Craig Shoemaker, for the opening keynote as we kick off this event.

SESSION: July 29, 2020: 08:35 PDT - 08:50AM PDT
We share what's on the top of mind for frontend developers and the state of developers tools in 2020.

And don't forget! Even though CREATE: Frontend is 100% virtual, we've made sure we still make personal connections:

  • Live Q&A: Engage in discussions with speakers and the community. Speakers will be online for about 15 minutes after their session.

  • Resources: After the event, check for additional slides, videos, and resources for this session including activity packs for kids

See you online!

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Craig Shoemaker

Thanks for joining us for the CREATE: FrontEnd keynote! Please feel free to add any questions or feedback you might have here and Daria and I will be glad to get back to you πŸ™‚