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The truth behind being a good programmer

Programmers are dumb !
This is a fact, no one can argue this.
Why ? - you might ask
Well, for one very simple reason, and that is the machine itself is dumb, it follow coding instructions, and if it found that something is not correct, it will halt. You need to write the exact steps that the computer will take in order to achieve whatever your purpose is from your program!
So, naturally, you will find that programmers are not clever, they write code, which is predefined by others - the founders of the language/framework/package/library ..etc
You just type what you see correct from your point of view, and as a good friend of mine said once, programming is all about trial and error!
So what is the secret here 😄 ?
The Keyword here is : Discipline !
If you code everyday, get engaged with the code and what is behind the code - try to learn assembly language and get one layer below your higher level language - on a constant basis each day or each 2 days or even each two weeks, the most important is you set a rule and you follow it.
You will discover - by time - that there is a big improvement in your understanding to your language even if it was baby steps, but you know Japanese were not wrong when they set the KAIZEN rules: Continuous Improvement Even with Small steps BUT constantly

Discipline in each aspect of your life, starting by sleeping early avoiding the YT rabbit hole + Social Media, to making your bed in the morning, walking up early, drinking more water than coffee, exercise, have a hobby, read a book, walk in the forest, be original and do not imitate others : All Of That on a constant basis - that is what discipline is all about.

Discipline is the key to success, and that is another fact that no one else can argue.

All the best.
Amir Bek

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You are right. Sometimes it feels overwhelming but pushing regardless pays off for real.