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I'm a recent Rambox convert. It allows you to keep a number of notification-prone applications open, and aggregates them in one unified place. This way you don't miss anything, but still get to respond when convenient without having to click through all your possible places.

KDE Plasma also helps aggregate notifications, and I assume other OS/desktop environments as well.


It's rather cool, although the coolest/most useful features are PRO, like work hours... a shame... I will still be using it though!


I wouldn't say this would work for everyone. I have all notifications on my phone blocked and check them after 5pm usually if anything super important comes up, people know to call. On my workstation? Sadly slack and email have me in their grip :/


Great question, I'm actually quite obsessed with having all my inboxes empty, If I see a notification I must check it out or I will die xD

Although when I code I code, I try and focus on just what I'm coding, and only open the sites and tools I need for it, this helps me out a bit, but there is always the phone blinking!

So I might benefit from the answers on this posts as well!


I don't manage my incomings.
Get interrupted every time


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