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Ben Halpern
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Introducing Our March 2018 Sponsors

Thank you to these amazing dev-driven companies for supporting us in various ways. We are happy to introduce Manifold as a new sustaining March sponsor this month, and a big thank-you to TripleByte and Algolia for holding onto their gold sponsorship level for a second month in a row.


Manifold is a marketplace for independent developer services. This means they provide a much less chaotic way of managing plans across various software service providers through a single dashboard. Before finding out about Manifold, I'd experienced this sort of convenience through other platforms, but always with a high amount of vendor lock-in that prevents it from being a long-term solution. Manifold is a brilliantly executed idea. We happen to also be users of Torus for managing keys in our dev process after one of the Manifold founders made this comment on a post of mine.


Triplebyte is a remarkably efficient job placement platform. So much about about landing at a great engineering org is having people in your corner during the process. Triplebyte qualifies you through a series of their own interviews in order to champion for you. I didn't quite understand until I took the quiz myself (for fun, I'm happy working on 😋). I'd suggest going through it yourself. It's a wonderful blind-spot-exposing experience.


Algolia's core product is extremely low-latency search which we make great use of on in a variety of ways. It powers our core search as well as the customization of your home feed based on the tags you follow. We have plans to integrate it elsewhere, as well. It has become one of the critical pieces of infrastructure for our whole offering — which, as you may know, is all about performance. Plus it's free to try.

In partnership with Algolia, we've also added a Powered by Algolia message on the sidebar of our search page. We think this is a natural partnership, as we often get "what's your stack" kinds of questions. We hope to always work with sponsors thoughtfully, but you are always free to turn off any of the on-site sponsorship messages can be disabled in your settings.

We are working on other sponsorship integrations and funding avenues as we build a sustainable business. We strive to make these as valuable as possible for all parties and will keep you up-to-date on specific partnerships as they are launched.

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jess profile image
Jess Lee

So happy to welcome Manifold as our newest sponsor this month, and a big thank you Algolia and Triplebyte for continuing to support The DEV Community!!

ben profile image
Ben Halpern

P.S. @ianlivingstone , one of the Manifold co-founders is from my hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia 😄🎉

nickytonline profile image
Nick Taylor

+1 for Hali 😉

sangeethks profile image
Sangeeth KS

&& again Algolia on the list. <3

theoutlander profile image
Nick Karnik

Nice to see a new sponsor here. I'm a bit tired of seeing Algolia and Triplebyte throughout the web!