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What jobs exist in IT?

Contribute a job title. Can we name them all?

This is a DEV Discuss thread — it can be as open-ended as we want. 😅

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Depends on what one considers to be IT.

I've worked at companies where software development was part of IT. Well, called EDP at that time, but eventually EDP was rebranded IT.

And at companies where software development (for line-of-business applications) was not part of IT.

IT that kept the phones working, the LAN working, the WAN set up & firewalled, the file servers running & backed-up, the SQL servers working, the SQL administrators keeping the SQL systems efficient & with the proper topology for the business needs, the printers working & printer servers working, workstation acquisition & setup & installation, authentication servers, HTTP servers, Wiki servers (intranet & internet), email servers. IT that worked in cooperation with corporate facilities, with business units, with vendors. IT that minded licensing, and compliance, and security, and policy, and worked with the legal department.

IT is a big umbrella.

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Imam Ali Mustofa


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Krishna Kanhaiya


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Thread Thread
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Aneeqa Khan


Thread Thread
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Thread Thread
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Shahidul Islam


Thread Thread
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Ishaan Sheikh

What is this going on man?

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Imam Ali Mustofa

Coz many client need us to being more then HUMAN 🤓

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Supreme Ironman (senior)

Thread Thread
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senior full stack Iron man

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Khokon M.

No Life Man

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Vicente Antonio G. Reyes


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Dr Strange

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Thorsten Hirsch

Is this the successor of the "rockstar" developer?

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Support engineer

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Printer Fixer

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Nikola Stojaković

Machine learning engineer

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Eddy Cordero

Reliability Engineer

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Computer systems manager

Network architect

Systems analyst

IT coordinator

Network administrator

Network engineer

Service desk analyst

System administrator (also known as sysadmin)

Wireless network engineer

Database administrator

Database analyst

Data quality manager

Database report writer

SQL database administrator

Big data engineer/architect

Business intelligence specialist/analyst

Business systems analyst

Data analyst

Data analytics developer

Data modeling analyst

Data scientist

Data warehouse manager

Data warehouse programming specialist

Intelligence specialist

Back-end developer

Cloud/software architect

Cloud/software developer

Cloud/software applications engineer

Cloud system administrator

Cloud system engineer

DevOps engineer

Front-end developer

Full-stack developer

Java developer

Platform engineer

Release manager

Reliability engineer

Software engineer

Software quality assurance analyst

UI (user interface) designer

UX (user experience) designer

Web developer

Application security administrator

Artificial intelligence security specialist

Cloud security specialist

Cybersecurity hardware engineer

Cyberintelligence specialist


Data privacy officer

Digital forensics analyst

IT security engineer

Information assurance analyst

Security systems administrator

Help desk support specialist

IT support specialist

Customer service representative

Technical product manager

Product manager

Project manager

Program manager

Portfolio manager
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Pascal Thormeier
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Charles F. Munat
  • Opinionated dick who believes he (always a he) knows a lot but knows nothing
  • Dev who just phones it in
  • Dev who shows up, socializes to keep others from working, then collects same paycheck
  • Dev who complains bitterly about every new idea but never has any of his own
  • BA who just gets in the way and is constantly on about unimportant stuff
  • Product owner or manager who hasn't got a clue, but never thinks to ask the experts
  • Employees of all stripes who think work is intended to be a great place to socialize (or even mate) and that work is optional

Frankly, most of the female or LGBTQ+ devs I've met are much better than the guys, so the guys just talk over them in meetings and never ask their opinions.

I'm sure I'm missing a few titles, but these cover most of the people I encounter in enterprise.

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Michael Tharrington

Community Manager!

While this isn't strictly IT, it's common for tech companies to hire someone to help manage the community that builds up around their product, service, or area of expertise.

Oftentimes a community manager will work with a dev rel team to try and figure out the best way to serve the community, whether that is helping to develop a community content plan, conducting user research, finding ways to bring new folks into your realm, or just keeping folks engaged. All are important!

From my experience, it's a challenging but rewarding position!

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Jan Küster

Firefighter 🔥

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Senior Fullstack Firefighter 🔥

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Andres Becker

Mobile developer

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Don't know wh, but Web(Front-end) is good for less boring regular software job. Just me.

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Jakub Stibůrek

QA engineer

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Rakesh Sagar

Bug creator
Bug finder
Bug destroyer

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