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Preparing for my week long bootcamp front-end block review... 😱
Building the frontend to a news site for which I already built the backend at the backend block review.
Can't wait to have my first full stack project completed. ☺️


Learning front-end development! Spent my whole careers as far away from UX and users as possible, but the hard realization is: no user no product!!! And no decent UX no users...

Having a lot of fun tho!


I've been doing a lot of "sandbox" coding lately, where I just do random stuff for the sake of experimentation. No frameworks and unnecessary bloat. Just playing around with HTML, CSS, and JS! I also like reading CSS Tricks to see if I can learn something new.


A small monitoring system for personal devices (desktops, laptops, smartphones, etc) that can be self-hosted outside of the local network (e.g. on Heroku).
It features a local agent that runs on the device and reports to the server via WebSocket, and a web GUI that shows availability and info about the system. Here is a super-duper-early prototype :D

For now, it only reports the operating system and the status, but I'm integrating hardware info and resource monitoring.

The next big challenge will be porting the agent to Android.


Building a PHP CMS. It's a bit of an oddity and I'm considering calling it something else, such as a content presentation system.

Basically, it's built to accept content from any source you define a suitable interface for, eg Markdown, a database etc. In that respect it's not dissimilar to things like Gatsby, but dynamic rather than generating static HTML.


Playing around with a private Gitlab sever and simple CI toolchain (gcc, valgrind, gcov, etc.)

Have a personal C-utilities (threading, strings, image-proc, etc) library project that's been the guinea-pig.

Already found 1 massive memory leak and have doubled the branch-coverage of the UT!


I would love to see a post about that here on DEV!


I'm trying to hopefully finish this weekend the PR I began two weeks ago. 86 commits and counting but it's definitely worth the effort 😃.


Not so much coding as I am drawing / animating! Made a new animated logo this weekend

  • My ray tracer in F# (though that's been a bit on the back burner lately)
  • Some FOSS stuff I'm involved in (mostly OCaml/Reason lately, e.g. spin)
  • Playing with RedwoodJS

I just got back to my android side project. I reverted master to a commit from 15 August last year, my last google play release. I lost a lot of progress but I had implemented so many features, it was probably going to have a negative impact on the thousands of users.

Also touching up on my personal blog. Im super hyped about cross posting to from my site


Implementing a data structures library with Python. This is part of my goal to solidify my knowledge in data structures and algorithms which is something I've been neglecting. Also reading materials from Introduction to Algorithms (CLRS) and doing Havard's CS50 course on edX.


Currently building the authentication service with node, express and docker for a product I am helping an ex-colleague of mine build that he's bootsrapping.


I recently started a side project, - a website in German, which is basically a database of job profiles that exists. filled by the community. for just browsing or finding inspiration


Trying to build out another Trello power-up - checklists related!


Playing around with a token curated registry project from ETH Zurich Finance 4.0 programme. The good news is that cryptoeconomics is hard for everyone :-)


Not on that one but I used to and still does collaborate with the ETH too 😉
Cheers from Zürich!


Working on my open-source app ten-hands which is a desktop/browser app for command-line task management.


The last few weekends, experimenting with the Defold game engine. First time using Lua, so it's been interesting.


Trying to sort out tests bugs when the implicit ordering is thrown out the window :D


Don't work too much on the weekends 😃


Working on my Boxx module which will be released soon. Just need some improvements and optimization.


working on first fun project after learning angular - tracker app - add, commit, push


I'm making a .Net Core MVC app to help me track my new year's resolutions 💯


Little bit of everything lol. Some React, some PHP, some Python.


I added autocomplete feature to my svelte package (tags input) 🎉.
Svelte Tags Input


I'm trying to implement a minesweeper game using xstate and SVG animations in React, not quite there yet but it's been an interesting exercise so far :D


This weekend: create a PR for something I suggested a couple of weeks ago on the DEV repo😓😬

...and work. Like work-work.


I'm playing around with RedwoodJS....already stuck on a few things, but it's great fun so far!


Working on my raspberry pi cloud environment, particularly focused on service discovery and persisting data on NFS when running docker containers


Implementing a DL architecture to do face synthesis. Done with preprocessing the dataset and now moving to coding.


Creating a simple calendar showing only the months, using css grid. I already did but i used table. Is for my work.

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