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Web devs: before JavaScript, learn the fundamentals!

This video is a talk from Byteconf React 2020, a free, live-streamed React conference that aired on May 1st-2nd, 2020. Join our newsletter at the conference website to stay in the know about future conferences, videos, and more!

Seasoned and beginner alike, developers have a habit of jumping right into a framework or new technology that makes a lot of promises while also glazing over important fundamentals that without, tend to hold back a website or application’s potential. Without some basic knowledge of HTML, you might inadvertently exclude people from learning about your company through your website due to poor accessibility. Lacking an understanding or simply being afraid of CSS, you might be more prone to add unnecessary libraries on top of libraries that just add to the weight of the page, impacting how quickly your app can load.

In this talk, we’ll go over some basic HTML and CSS strategies that can immediately be used right along side of your favorite Javascript frameworks like React that will provide another range of benefits like better accessibility, simpler code, and ways you can improve SEO by letting search engines like Google more easily figure out what your page is about.

Thanks to Colby Fayock who presented this talk at Byteconf React 2020!

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