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7 Developer's Destructible Career Habits.

I would be sharing shortly on seven habit, that can be of great destruction to a programmer's career!

If these tips are pointing out at you, you've got to stop!
Let the journey, ready to aid career enhancement begin๐Ÿš€

- No Coding Organization

There is nothing worth than a developer who doesn't care about clean code and architecture! Writing codes that can be understood by both newbies and experience developers is an outstanding feature.

Learn about coding organization and clean code!

- Not Helping Others

Strong people don't put others sown they lift them up. Share what you know to others. This keeps you also to know more or still refresh something you've once known

Don't keep it to your self :)

- No Planning, Just Coding

There is an old saying "hours of programming can save you weeks of coding" Failing to plan ahead is the beginning of experiencing bug
Always spend some time to plan on what you want to build

- No Thanks I Got It

There is no shame in asking people for help. It doesn't show weakness, it shows the ability of becoming better tomorrow!

- Reinventing The Wheel

If there is a fully documented library that is doing the work perfectly, then use it.

- I'm The Best Attitude

The moment you think you are the best is the moment you stop learning.
Be humble at all times and listen to what others are saying.

There might be something pertinent in what they want to teach.

- Work And Life Balance

Don't want to be burn out!
Take breaks i.e. (don't think about work when you are out with friends! :)
Your personal life is as important as your career! :)

Please kindly comment below for feedback and you can link up with me on Twitter and on this platform for more engagement๐Ÿค!

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raphael_jambalos profile image
Raphael Jambalos

I agree with all your points, Olan. Devs (myself included) tend to be excited to get coding right away. As I learned over the years, this leads to poor outcomes and I ended up recording my code. It's really best to think about and plan your application before getting started.

I would like to add an 8th tip:

- Not Learning

The tech world is constantly changing. As tech professionals, we must keep up with this change while still finding the time to go in-depth.

chryzcode profile image
chryzcode • Edited

I would really love that , thanks for the contribution!

bhupesh profile image
Bhupesh Varshney ๐Ÿ‘พ

Agree with all points, although not so sure about

  • Reinventing The Wheel If there is a fully documented library that is doing the work perfectly, then use it.

Unless the task is really complex, most of the time recreating stuff from scratch leads to a better understanding of your stack :)

chryzcode profile image

Yeah, I really agree with you. This really depends on the situation and circumstances in which a developer finds his/herself!