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What’s my job in my new role as Director of DevRel at WeAreDevelopers?

With the World Congress out of the way, it is time to focus on my new role as Director of Developer Relations at WeAreDevelopers.
It feels great that what I do anyways because of personal interest is part of my role. This was the case when I worked for Yahoo and Mozilla and the first few years in Microsoft, but pivoting to Technical Product Management, I was missing this part. I had to take vacation days to present at events and there was no budget for any DevRel activitives.

Now, what am I going to do for WeAreDevelopers? I will be leading and coaching a team of DevRel people and whilst this is small for now, there is growth in the near future.

For now, I will be:

  • Content editor of the DevDigest newsletter and blog and see what else we can do with that.
  • Recording interviews and fireside chats with interesting people in the Coffee with Developers series.
  • On the advirsory board for the WeAreDevelopers World Congress and plan the content of this 12,000 people event.
  • Keep evolving the Code100 competition and how we can make this easier to run, so that other events can also take part.
  • Working on some event strategy that goes beyond the big congress, with Bits and Bites meetups and a the WeAreDevelopers Live series.
  • Presenting at events, doing training courses and coach and mentor people inside and outside on public speaking, video creation, writing and presenting.

As WeAreDevelopers is also a job board, I also want to work closely with our recruiters and content editors to ensure that developers and those trying to hire developers speak the same language.

For all of this, I'd love input from you. You can:

  • Propose content items to write about and include in the newsletter
  • Propose people to interview
  • Tell me what a unique product like WeAreDevelopers can do to become your go-to resource for all things developer

Ping me on any of the channels I am on, or send content ideas to

I'm looking forward to what comes next!

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Shai Almog


Really sad I couldn't make it this year to WeAreDevelopers. It was absolutely fantastic last year.

I write a lot of content so I'd be happy to help with proposals but the scope is a bit wide. Can you narrow down the focus a bit?

grahamthedev profile image

Congratulations on the role!

I never ran into you at the WC2023 event, but I want to say I enjoyed MCing there and the event was great!

Hopefully our paths will cross on something soon though, good luck in the new role! 😁💗

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Christian Heilmann

Well, there's more events to come and we'd live to have you again.
I still need to explain to folks why I was on stage in a terrycloth bathrobe. Philistines.