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Redesigning Dev.to part On1 (1min Introduction) :)

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Yeah! you probably might be thinking: "Okay it's ugly so what?" Yes, it is! but it won't be any longer after we are going to rebuild it to something more pleasant to the HUMAN DESIGN :).

Now I'm not saying dev.to is one of the ugliest design out there, NO! this is for learning purpose, it is aimed for teaching about good UI/. and you guessed it right: UX, it's very popular these days you Know :) User's interface and experience.

So what are we building in this short tutorial?
-we are redesigning dev.to user interface.

Cool! what are the processes?
as follows:
1) we will wireframe dev.to (Using Balsamiq) - not necessary
2) we will dive right into AdobeXD(or invision) and put colors and stuff.
3) we will then code it up. STATIC! no, react :).

Okay! nice, what are the tools required for this short tutorial?
-Balsamiq mockup. You can get it following this link: https://balsamiq.com/wireframes/desktop/
-AdobeXD(sketch for Mac user's). It's free :) Adobe made it free for Windows users. get it here: https://www.adobe.com/products/xd.html
-Finally, I'll be using vsCode. Feel free to use whatever you like :)

alright, people, that's it, you know we can skip the whole Balsamiq process and just dive right into adobeXD. Hmmm, let me know what you think in the comment section. And this is my first post, just joined :) Okay get these things ready and wait for part tw2. see yah :).

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Meh, I call click bait. Sorry, but I'm calling them as I see 'em

Spotting racoons


I really like DEV's rational take on UX. I personally feel old reddit and hacker news have amazing UX when compared to all other cluttered experiences. DEV adopted a similar approach of clutter free straight forward UX which is pretty great IMO.

At the same time I can't wait to see what the follow up post can add to improve the experience.


I'm really enjoying the back to basic design of dev.to.

It reminds me of the time when the internet was a great place, before fake sites, clickbait and a whole bunch of things that make the whole experience slow and frustrating.

Personally, I quickly loose interest in overly beautified sites that you can see comes from a template or a front-end design tool. It just lacks creativity.

That said... Welcome, and let's see what you come up with :)


Hang on and see what the tutorial brings jaaki! :)


I'd normally be interested in reading your planned posts but the way you need to put down the work people put into this site completely turns me off of it. That's not the kind of community discussion I want to support.


You don't clearly get this ANECDOTE. Just sit tight and wait for the remaining article to complete, this is for learning purpose Okay! :)


I think it has a unique identity, which is quite the achievement in a time where everything looks the same.

If you're going to focus on UX you might not need to create new wireframes or do a total redesign, it might be more interesting to redo a couple interface elements (like the comment box I'm typing in right now).


I don't think the UI is ugly, but really excited to see your take :D


and using those in my personal apps,may be i stick with this.
in future avail a option to switch new Ui / stay in old ui


The design of the site is self-sufficient and easily recognizable to identify it exactly with the dev.to. I also do not think that it is worth changing it, as well as saying that it is ugly.


I don't think dev.to is ugly, I would say it's minimal. It doesn't have big images that take a lot to load, strange designs.. it's simple and funcional, and that makes it really fast. And I love that, you come here to read good articles, so the design is not that important. Could be improved? Well, probably, so I would want to see the real post and not this clickbait introduction ;)


Actually I like the current UI it gives me a chalky feeling 🦄


Sensational article with no substance. Why not start the series with Part 2 instead?