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Craig Nicol (he/him)
Craig Nicol (he/him)

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Career advice for graduates

I saw this tweet and I’ve been asked this question myself a couple of times so I wanted to highlight this as a reference for others, and collect my thoughts into one place.

I've been getting a lot of messages regarding job hunting as a Software Developer. Let's get a thread going with advice for developers looking for jobs! 👇🏼My advice: Keep LinkedIn up-to-date. Recruiters will reach out if your profile is full of great information about yourself!

— Emma Bostian 🐞 (@emmabostian) September 30, 2018

Know what you want. E.g. Do you want a startup with scrappy hours but more influence or a big company with more structure but where you have less control?

You don’t have to have a public profile.

If you do have a public profile, make sure it reflects you well.

Doesn’t have to be a blog, but always be thinking about teaching others what you’re currently learning. It really helps you in appraisals, interviews and networking because you’re already reflecting on your skills, and you can more easily help others

Apply even if you don’t meet all the criteria. In most companies “must haves” aren’t. You’ll need to meet some, and be prepared to learn others, but don’t wait until you’re 90% ready.

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