What's your desk setup?

Desi on March 15, 2019

I'm always really interested in the setup of other people's desks/offices - I don't know if it's nosy, or that I don't feel 100% settled with my ow... [Read Full]
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Here is my desk! I've got a 27" iMac with two extra 27" monitors on either side, all on a 48" wide Varidesk. Not as tidy as it could be, but I'm in heaven with all the screen real estate.

Tom VanAntwerp's desk.


Make the light setup dark and This can look like a holy BatCave. Well done batman. 😁


Oh I am jealous of all those screens!!!


I saw your setup also in another post of you @jess but at this look the bottom of your desk catched my eye.
Is it the bottom of an old sewing machine? Because we had such a thing standing around when I was younger and it looks alot like it :)


It sure is!! I built the desk with my partner. The tabletop is an old butcher block!


What year? I got mine in Oct 2017 and the "home row" keys are gray, thumb keys are white.
Also hilarious use of the wrist support.

Have you considered a vertical mouse?

Hahaha I KNOW. I really regret not getting the black one. I got mine a month ago and I can all the home row keys are going to get so stained. I need to stop eating food on my desk!

I have considered a vertical mouse, but....one step at a time! The wrist support don't fit on my tiny keyboard stand and I discovered my chair arms rests actually do a pretty good job so I moved them around 😊

Oooh, I zoomed in and I see these are labeled keycaps. Mine are profiled instead. Hence the color difference.

Since it's so new, does this mean you have hot-swappable switches?
What switches did you go with?


RE: mouse, I got an Anker AK-98ANWVM-UBA, and was pleasantly surprised.
The only thing I'd prefer is if it had wrist support, but for standing/low table that's not an issue. Also wouldn't be an issue for smaller hands, it's nice and large (but light).
Obviously not a "gamer performance" product, but on the other hand disposably-priced.

Have you tried putting the mouse between the keyboards instead of the right side?


I have a similar sewing machine, except mine is complete.

That is a cool idea if I find another broken one.


Ehm, just my laptop on the couch... Not very ergonomic...
home office


But very functional and enjoyable! I spent my first ~3ish remote years on my couch and loved it. So comfy and convenient.


Yeah, but when I was in the zone my back hurts for two days :-D
Regarding ergonomics, don't do it like me, instead:

  • Use a good keyboard and mouse (I chose Ducky One with MX Blue and a Roccat Optical Pure mouse)
  • Use a dark theme, your eyes will say "thank you" after twenty years
  • Ideally, change your seat every two hours. In my office I have a regular seat, a gym ball, and a stool to switch. Even better is a height-adjustable desk.
  • Also, take breaks. Stand up, stretch or walk around.

Here is my setup!

The big benefit is being able to switch between Mac and windows with one button press.

my desk


Couple of questions:

  • what monitor arm is that?
  • what is the thing you're hanging your headphones on?
  • what is that keyboard?

I love these simple/clean setups!


I like! That would be handy. Maybe a weekend project.


What do you use to switch between mac and windows with one click?


I assume it's the button on his Monitor to switch input source :D
But would also interest me if there is anything more to it @mattwaler

I’m using a usb switch to use the same peripherals across devices. You can see it right below the monitor. I will reply to this later with links to the stuffs.


Here's my desk at work.

A 21" iMac which I primarily use for the web, a vertical 21" monitor that i use for my IDE, another 21" monitor which I use for for various different things such as tool windows/ iOS/Android emulators / Datagrip. My new Keychron K1 (an amazing low profile mechanical keyboard I backed on Kickstarter), a notebook to jot down ideas/project notes and a whiteboard to draw diagrams.

My favourite thing on my desk has to be the Sansevieria. A low maintenance plant that adds some colour to the desk, besides the orange plastered all over the office, and supposedly improves the air quality with the negative ions it gives off.

Quite a busy desk but like Tom mentioned it's heaven with the extra screen real estate. The additional productivity gained from the extra screens is incredible. I couldn't imagine going back to a single screen.

Edit: Forgot to mention my blue light blocking glasses. It's like turning on the night mode on your phone. The verdict isn't out yet on how much they prevent eye strain but a nice preventive measure since as developers we spend the entire day staring at screens. A plus point is I look quite good in them 😅.


15" 2017 MacBook Pro with Magic Keyboard and TrackPad all in Space Grey. 24" 1440p Samsung USB-C Monitor. Logitech speakers and an Anker wireless charger. Also my planner and water bottle which are both essentials, and my Fidget Cube and a little bear paperweight. The desk is one of the Kallax storage units from Ikea with the desk attachment and various inserts for the shelves. Also some random USB fairy lights.



Here's my home setup. 15" MBP, LG 29" Ultrawide, Logitech MX Master2S Mouse, Filco Majestouch MINILA Air, Sony XM2 Headphones. It's definitely not as intense or tidy as others, but it's mine :)

Trevor's desktop


I have bought a new mac, so I used the old one to test Windows environment. I need to buy a couple of adapters because I only have C ports :S


Thanks for sharing - My desk / home office is not tidy enough for me to feel comfortable sharing an image :) That should tell you all you need to know.

I do have a laptop on a stand and a separate KB and mouse - that part is a win. My screen is a 28" 4K Samsung beast - very productive.


I work from home, but I also have a desk at the office. This is my home office. It's a little messy. I need a new chair. I made the desk.

My desk


Bit asymmetrical and I'm planning a 3 monitor setup, but i have to get a different desk with a proper chair first.

Honestly, can't understand the vertical monitor which i see in the other posts. Seems unpractical, but hey... two monitors in middle doesn't sound much of a win either.

Wallpaper engine and dark dev.to :3 (Dark reader)


Portrait screens FTW. I use one for web browsing, lots of folks use them for IDEs. You need a screen that's better than 1080p though - I've used a pair of 1600x1200 4:3 screens, but replaced them with a single 2K screen. It's really well worth experimenting with.


I see, many people say, that the portrait monitors are just to show off :D that it's not even better, usually these people have a widescreen monitor. When I'll be redoing my so-ho setup, I'll think about a portrait one.


My current desk at work. Nothing much apart from the dock which is pretty awesome. I plug one cable, it charges, has a network connection and two monitors.


Here is mine. A little crowded but it works. This post has become a motivation to replace my long time broken connection for external display. Thanks guys!


hah, glad to help! love all the music gear too :)


Thank you. It was my previous profession, now an occasional relaxing escape.


Nothing special about mines except I’m using an apple keyboard with a windows laptop and I haven’t wiped the desk down in a while



Here is my setup at home. As you can see I am a bit of a computer enthusiast :). At work it is a bit more boring, but I can't take a picture of that for NDA reasons.

I use virtualbox with linux mint for development at home. I cannot stand using a slow computer so I have very high end specs which also assists with gaming. Additionally the ultrawide monitor is a real treat for multitasking.


Fancy monitor. At first I thought the PC was your second screen:)
Is the mic for streaming?


Haha, it does have a lot going on. The mic is just for games and chat, probably overkill, but everywhere it has really good reviews so ¯_(ツ)_/¯. I cant use headsets since they all have thin cords, at least that I have found, and my cat thinks thin cords are chew toys...


This is my current set up, working remotely from home.

image of my desk set up

No tips on ergonomics, but my Fitbit has been an awesome tool, because it tells me to get up and move around if I have been stationary for too long. Movement solves a host of problems.


I need to listen to my fitbit more, I have one but always ignore its reminders to get up. it looks like you have a nice view!


I am definitely guilty of ignoring it as well, but baby steps in the right direction.. And I do, really lucky with where I live!


Mine's currently this one:

Corsair K70 keyboard, Bird UM1 microphone, the desktop computer's a AMD Ryzen 5 2600 CPU, 16GB DDR4 2666, RX580 Armor GPU with 1TB SSD and 2TB HDD (dualbooting windows and archlinux).

Except for the low-price TV, every screen's from the trash.

The laptop's a MSI one, can't remember the model.


Nice article. I won’t share my desk setup as it’s simply a 4K iMac, keyboard, mouse and nothing else. By the way, there is an instagram account you might like instagram.com/devdesks


I have my own laptop and a monitor that happened to be available in the office.

Laptop resolution is 1366x768 and monitor is 1600x900. Monitor also doesn't have HDMI, so I needed a DVI adapter for it. 😶


here's my treadmill desk setup, if anyone was interested

image of treadmill desk


Here is mine. It's just a Macbook air and an external monitor

Desk Setup


here is mine, 15" mac + hd monitor, razer mouse & some random mechanical keyboard


Well in my work I use a simple desk in L with two 19" monitors, a lot space to write in notebooks. At home just a laptop on my bed 🤣


I find more than one screen as a distraction and it might cause alot of eye strain, in the longer run.

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