Announcing the GitHub Actions Hackathon on DEV!

Jess Lee (she/her) on August 13, 2020

We are thrilled to announce a new hackathon on DEV: GitHub Actions For Open Source! From now through to September 17, you’ll have the opportunity ... [Read Full]
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As a "learn by example" kind of person, I'm really excited to see the submissions to help me make better use of GitHub actions. I have yet to hack very creatively on this really neat extensible tool and I suspect the submissions will go a long way for me personally.

Can't wait to see what folks build!


I'm looking forward to seeing what the community comes up with for this contest across all categories, but especially for Wacky Wildcards. You can get pretty dang creative here. I'm a fan of this Profile Readme where you can actually play chess (powered by GitHub Actions).


Oh sweet! Didn't know something like this was possible with Github Actions 🀯


Ohh yeah, when this feature rolled out to everyone, I came across a lot of these innovative ideas of using Github actions..... kinda jealous of them for creating something so sick 🀘


I was totally amazed when I found out that GitHub Actions can let you do that!
It inspired me to make a Sokoban game driven by GitHub Actions:
Thank you so much! πŸ˜ƒ


hello Peter @ben @jess if we are participating in groups so every member will get a badge but in the last time dev team given badges to single-member one who submitted project can you guys work on that reply, please


Hey @krishnakakade confirming that every member of a team that submits a valid project will receive a badge.

If we messed up and forgot to award a badge to a team member last time around, please send us an email to yo@dev.to and we'll get it rewarded properly!

last time we are the third runnerup in Dev hackathon I did project with @itshally she didn't receive badge yet


Brilliant! Truly defines Wacky Wildcards 🀯


If someone is looking for a solution to trigger one action from a repo to the next repo, you have repository dispatch.

Here was what I have research and found.



Actually I was thinking about creating a more complex GitHub Action for one of my projects that nobody has done before and might be useful for a lot of projects!

Happy hacking! ;-)


This is awesome! Can't wait to see it!


Uh this might be exactly the motivation I need to implement one of my ideas. Have been long thinking about a GitHub Action that adds some features to template repositories. 😁


I am very excited for this hackathon and I already had an action to build in my to-do list and this hackathon was the motivation I needed. Thanks for hosting this event.

I would also like to ask couple of questions regarding hackathon.

  1. Can we submit more than one actions?
  2. Can we submit actions we built in past?

Really awesome to hear that you'll be participating, and that this contest provided a bit of extra motivation to get started.

  1. Can we submit more than one actions?

Yes, you can submit as many entries as you'd like, but you'll only be eligible to win one prize.

  1. Can we submit actions we built in past?

For this contest, you'll only be able to submit projects that you started after this announcement post was published.


Can I submit an existing project that did not have GitHub Actions and I start integrating GitHub Actions after this announcement was published?

Yes, as your submission will be the undertaking of of integrating the action and/or workflow into the project.

Hey Peter, though I have submitted my post before the dead line yet I haven't received any mail or badge in my profile!! What to do?


Oh boy, can wait to see what actions you're going to use folks. If you use one of mine please tell me:


Ope - I'm too young. Looks super cool tho, can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!


I'm looking to learn so much about Github Actions!


Absolutely love it!! Just got myself into GitHub Actions and thought about developing for some of my projects. Can’t wait to share my thoughts πŸ’•πŸ’•


Amazing idea! I fell in love with github actions a few months ago and now this pushes us to be creative with it! Stoked to give it a shot!


Cameras, Lights, ...Github-Actions!!!


Hi , Is it required that the technologies that i use for this submission should be open source technologies ? Example : Can I use Twilio ? But Twilio services are not open sourced ?

@jess @ben @peter


Hey @shaijut , you're welcome to use any actions for your workflow. We only need the workflow .yml file to be open source. For Twilio specifically, perhaps this one could be useful to you? github.com/marketplace/actions/twi...


Thank you so much @jess . Appreciate. :)


Wow. This is super cool. I received my swag and a beautiful coffee cup a few weeks ago from the first Github Hackathon competition creating my first Github Action "Hugo on Fire" (github.com/wajahatkarim3/hugo-on-fire)

This is a great competition and its going to be lots of fun to bring another idea I have in mind in reality.


The Wacky Wildcards section will be really interesting.


@devteam in the "Additional Rules" section it is mentioned that contest entry period ends at September 17, 11:59 pm but at the bottom under "Important Dates" September 12 is mentioned as the time when Submissions are due.

Which amongst those should we look at?


Sorry about that, the September 12 was a typo and has been updated. The entry period will end on September 17 at 11:59pm PT. Thanks for catching that!


@pkfrank I could not see your update. As of 2020-09-17 06:28 UTC, I still see the template as follows:

[Reminder]: # (Submissions are due on September 12th (11:59 PM PDT) and winners will be announced on September 23!)

If anyone would like to have a look at an easy example of GitHub Actions Build workflow, please check my article about how we use GitHub Actions in our opensource project: BPMN Visualization


take care


Hey I've just submited my GitHub Actions Post. Devops You Alexa Skill!!

Check all the content here: dev.to/xavidop/devops-your-alexa-s...

Hope to win this hackathon!


confuse about how to document our journey?do we need to build and test a complete action first then we need to fill that mentioned template and tell about our journey OR we need to write on this template from our learning phase to final product and edit our published post as we got to know more ?? Any Guidance ??? @jess


Hi! Folks tackle this in a variety of different ways. Some prefer to build and test their hackathon first and then fill out the template + share their final post β€” some decide to provide updates across multiple posts before submitting their official entry.

Regardless, the post you share using the template is considered the official submission. Hope this helps!


I wanted to try it out Github actions for a while and this was the perfect last push to do it.
Great initiative, I have already submitted mine 🀞🏻🀞🏻🀞🏻


Sounds very interesting! Can't wait to see the possibilities with GitHub Actions!


Looking forward to the challenge ☺️


I made a submission and someone found a bug and provided a recommendation for the fix. If I accept the change before the submission deadline, will that change the submission from being an individual submission to a team submission?


Will there be any notifications about the passed/failed status of the submitted post?
For example, I've made a post about my humble attempt to automate blogging and CV publication with Jekyll and Pandoc, but how can I know whether this project is eligible to participate? Or if it's not β€” how to improve / what to change.



Hey Serhii! Unfortunately, we will not be able to share the status of each submission but please let us know if you have any general questions about the hackathon requirements.


What's the difference between github.com/actions and github.com/marketplace?type=actions ? And, are we encouraged to use actions from both locations as building blocks? Or, should actions from github.com/actions , as linked in the announcement post, be the only ones used?


From GitHub Actions Documentation:

While both GitHub Actions and GitHub Apps provide ways to build automation and workflow tools, they each have strengths that make them useful in different ways.

GitHub Apps:

  • Run persistently and can react to events quickly.
  • Work great when persistent data is needed.
  • Work best with API requests that aren't time consuming.
  • Run on a server or compute infrastructure that you provide.

GitHub Actions:

  • Provide automation that can perform continuous integration and continuous deployment.
  • Can run directly on runner machines or in Docker containers.
  • Can include access to a clone of your repository, enabling deployment and publishing tools, code formatters, and command line tools to access your code.
  • Don't require you to deploy code or serve an app.
  • Have a simple interface to create and use secrets, which enables actions to interact with third-party services without needing to store the credentials of the person using the action.

Soo excited..!!!


I've looked through the official rules, and I'm still a little unclear. Are submitted workflows required to be open source? For example, can I submit a post about a GitHub Action used on a private repository?


Hey Paul, we'd ideally like to see the workflow used on an open source project but as long as you submit the .yml file for the file, you are good to go!


Excited to see what the community builds



  • Is it global or only for US Participants? (+with regards to prize)
  • Can we submit more than one action?

This is a global contest (not restricted to US). You can enter as many submissions as you'd like, but are only eligible to win one prize. Look forward to seeing what you put together!


Wow, this is awesome!!


We can also make a workflow with pre-existing Actions right?


Please answer anyone


Sorry for the delay @delta456 , but that is correct. So long as you start the workflow as part of the contest, you're welcome to leverage existing Actions.


Hey, is this a individual event, or can teams participate?


Teams can participate, but the prize is split up across all members (other than the DEV badges, where everyone receives their own).


This is awesome ❀️. Wonderful initiative by the github team πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
I have a doubt.
can i submit my project if it just uses already published github action into my project's workflow ?


Yep! You can incorporate existing actions into your workflow!


what's the Hackathon Submission Due in IST?


You will want to get your submission in before 11:30 AM India Standard Time πŸ™‚


September 17th or 18th?

Sorry! September 18th your time.


Looking forward for a collaborative content creation this time !!


Ah man now I wish I had made Memer Action a bit later πŸ™ˆ


Hi , Is it required that the technologies that i use for this submission should be open source technologies ? Example : Can I use Twilio ? But Twilio services are not open sourced ?


Can we participate in more then 1 category for a single project?


Little knowledge about github action but want to participate in the hackathon... any guide where to start or learn how to make awesome github actions???


Glad you asked. I have a youtube series that includes making an Action powered by Docker - youtube.com/watch?v=NRCqL9ifpcw&t=...

You can also check out some hands-on content here: lab.github.com/githubtraining/gith....

Also highly recommend Michael's book - actionsbook.com


Damn it this is unfair, why only 18+ ??


Oh come on, why is the hackathon only for people with 18+ of age?


am i eligible to submit my project to this if i just use an already present github action and integrate it as a workflow in my github action ?


Hey! As long as your workflow changes were made after we announced the hackathon, you're good to go!


This looks like a great initiative although too DevOpsie for my taste lol.


I have read this but I don't really seem to understand. Can someone help me out?


Hi! Happy to help. Let us know what part of the hackathon is confusing and we'll get back to you with answers πŸ™‚


I just have a doubt, Should we submit only github actions or any automated scripts which can be useful to others in Wacky Wildcards?


I have a Github Action to build. Is it relevant for the hackathon?


I would like to build a simple Github action which can be handy for many Github actions users. Is that acceptable for the hackathon?


is it sponsored/influenced by github or else in any way?
because there is also CI on gitlab


I am aware of github actions but did not take the time to understand it. Maybe a cash price would be enough to motivate me.


Can a DEV user send multiple entries for the same? Will he be disqualified if he does so?


Hi! If you think your entry could fit into more than one category, you are free to write the suggested categories in your post. If your project is selected as a prize-winner, the judges will make a final decision about which category your project fits under πŸ™‚


In the template the last date of submission is September 12, but here it is September 17. Which one should we consider?


So sorry for that confusion. We've updated it in our template. The official deadline is September 17th at 11:59 PM PT.


Such a great opportunity to write some code in a new stack tech :D


Is it by team or individual?


Either is totally fine. If you do submit as a team, please be aware that the prize will be split up across all members (other than the DEV badges, where everyone receives their own).


I would particpate, but last time I participated in a hackathon I didn't even get my participation prize so πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ


Please email yo@dev.to and we’ll get this sorted out right away.


hola, muchas gracias por contar con mi persona, estarΓ© conectado
me gusta aprender y emprender con GitHub


Hello! where are the winners announced?


Hello! Can we know when the winner's list will be announced..


I have not received my badge even after I submitted it before the deadline.


Curious, is the deadline the 17th or the 12th, saw conflicting details between this post and the submission template?


It is the 17th! Sorry for the confusion. We'll update the template now :)

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