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Daily Hacktoberfest Miscellaneous discussion (October 2nd)

We are on the second day of Hacktoberfest! How are things going?

Any projects or posts you'd like to highlight?

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Florian Rand • Edited

My first Hacktoberfest, 2 PR merged so far (one it's from September 30, didn't wait until the next day to send it), so I am quite happy.

Since bigger projects have a lot of attention I'm focusing on smaller projects with the hacktoberfest label.

It feels really good, I think I may continue contributing after this, there is much to do, from test coverage, help with the Docs, etc! this is madness!

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Jacob Evans

This is a great idea. I think I'll find some smaller OSS with test needs.

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This will be my first Hacktoberfest and I was having quite a bit of anxiety trying to pick something to work on.

But I'm gonna try sifting through stuff tonight and try to find some way to contribute to something!

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Jacob Evans

I made a PR to facebook, they were super nice and helpful. Just pull the trigger most of the OSS community is ultra-supportive if they aren't go to a project with a better community 😁 best of luck buddy 🤩

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Vicente Antonio G. Reyes

This is my first too!

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Bos Eriko Reyes

Going good! I made 4 PRs and thought of continuing but then I noticed that my 5th PR was not being tracked. I wanted to have more PRs because I'm afraid that there's a chance the repo that I made a PR may be marked as a bad repo and my contribution won't get counted. Oh well. I guess I'll have to wait for 7 days. It is very fun, though! Been a developer for so long but it's my first time joining an event like this.

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Jijin P 👨‍💻🦄

ShowPath - 👨‍💻Learning Path for Programmers

ShowPath helps beginners to find basic information/roadmap to be a developer using a tree view. User can click on the language to get more details.

And I am working on a feature that will help users to compare programming language and learn the basics.

Contributions are required to complete the roadmap and language details.


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Ahmad Awais ⚡️

Helping developers get started with open source contributions via :)

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Tim Deschryver

If you're an Angular dev, and want to make a contribution feel to add your favorite Angular resource (talk, article, ...) at

GitHub logo timdeschryver / hacktoberfest-2019-angular

Share your favorite Angular resources of 2019

Hacktoberfest 2019 Angular Resources

Add your favorite Angular resource from the year This can be a resource that you enjoyed, learned from, or came back to the most frequent.

Add your resource at resources.json, this can be done directly via the GitHub UI in the browser or you can also fork and clone this project locally.

Before adding your resource at resources.json, please search whether the title of the resource already exists in the file to avoid duplicates. Please make this check before submitting a Pull Request.

After your resource is added, do not forget to create a Pull Request Once the Pull Request is merged, your resource will be visible!

If this is your first time I can recommend How to Contribute to an Open Source Project on GitHub by Kent C. Dodds.

As an example, you can take a look at how I added

The full list of added resources can be found at

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Shmavon Gazanchyan

Hi there,

Wrote a post on Hacktoberfest tips from GitHub project maintainer point of view:

Hoping it will help us all get more quality contributions!

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Rubin • Edited

Help needed . There are couple of issues. contributions are welcome

GitHub logo rubiin / nestjs-easyconfig

Manage configs on the go 🔥

Nest Logo


<p align="center">

Package License
NPM Downloads


Nestjs-easyconfig loads configs from your .env (Wraps dotenv module) ⚙️ 🔥


$ npm install nestjs-easyconfig
$ yarn add nestjs-easyconfig


With config file supplied (basic):

import { Module } from '@nestjs/common'
import { EasyconfigModule } from 'nestjs-easyconfig'
  imports: [EasyconfigModule.register({ path: './config/.env' })]
export class AppModule {}

With config file supplied and safe set to true:

import { Module } from '@nestjs/common';
import { EasyconfigModule } from 'nestjs-easyconfig';

  imports: [EasyconfigModule.register({ path: './config/.env', safe: true })],
export class AppModule {}

By default safe is set to false. When safe is set to true, the module compares the supplied env file with the sample env file to find missing keys. If…

GitHub logo rubiin / nest-pgpromise

A Module for Utilizing Pg-promise with NestJS

Nest Logo

pg-promise Module for Nest framework

NPM Version Package License NPM Downloads

Buy Me A Coffee


This's a nest-pgpromise module for Nest This quickstart guide will show you how to install and execute an example nestjs program..

This document assumes that you have a working nodejs setup in place.

Download from NPM

npm install --save nest-pgpromise


You need five items in order to connect to MinIO object storage server.

Params Description
host Host address.
port TCP/IP port number.
database The name of db to connect to.
username The username to access db.
password The username's password

Provide the credentials for minio module by importing it as :

As Connection object

import { Module } from '@nestjs/common'
import { NestPgpromiseClientController } from './nest-pgpromise-client.controller'
import { NestPgpromiseModule } from '../nest-pgpromise.module'
  controllers: [NestPgpromiseClientController],
  imports: [
      connection: {
        host: 'localhost'
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Jacob Evans

This is my first Hacktoberfest so far I have one merged PR im super proud 😤 of too.
Going to be a nice feature for profiling production builds 😆🤩

Looking for more stuff now 😁😁

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Mark Sta Ana

My plans for HacktoberFest was just to participate, but on a whim I decide to turn my wish lists for my project into issues and label them. To my my utter surprise people have come and completed them! I’m really quite moved by the whole experience!

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Kyle Carter

I have had a very similar experience. Awesome to see people coming out of the woodwork and helping. Some are even coming up with new cool features to I hadn't thought of.

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Vladimír Gorej

If you're a JavaScript developer interested in Functional Programming take a look at ramda-adjunct We've picked issues oss devs can handle and labelled them by Hacktoberfest label. Already have 4 PRs merged and 3 in progress. Happy coding!

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Theofanis Despoudis


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Shiva Bhusal

A Ruby project to generate a slideshow video from images.

Tested in Mac OS 10.04

Need people to test in other environment and file issues.