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Daily Hacktoberfest Miscellaneous discussion (October 6th)

How's your progress?

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Jacob Herrington (he/him) • Edited

I accidentally completed it a bit early 😅

johanneslichtenberger profile image
Johannes Lichtenberger

Haha, that's awsome :-D

exequiel09 profile image
Exequiel Ceasar Navarrete

5/4 Waiting for the PRs to be reviewed :)

Sloan, the sloth mascot
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evieskinner18 profile image

Do you want to contribute to my project?

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Jamie Ferrugiaro • Edited

I actually realized yesterday that my PRs for my own projects were being counted. These are just repos for homework assignments for my bootcamp I'm in (I've been trying to form the habit creating branches for individual functions I'm working on then merging into master, to learn a workflow). I messaged Hacktoberfest but apparently they aren't considered invalid by them.

However, I don't feel like they follow the spirit of the event (and the reason I joined), so I'm going to be marking them as invalid myself (once I figure out how lol).

I'd love to complete at least one real PR in contribution by the end of the month, though it's definitely been a challenge to do at the same time of trying to complete weekly assignments.

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Carlos Magno

I'm just waiting for my PRs to be reviewed

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Sara Carvajal

Tomorrow I'll look for an issue for begginers. The ones I've checked seem a bit complicated 😅 I do want to help though.

trojano31 profile image
Patryk Trojanowski

5/4 and hunting for more 🙃

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Corbin Taylor • Edited

4/4 Waiting to be reviewed. I've had three PRs accepted by the repo maintainers and one in review. Planning on doing more though just for the heck of it on my spare time.

marko035 profile image

4/4. This is my first time contributing to open source and it feels great.

evieskinner18 profile image

Waiting for the PR reviews and excited to contribute more! Can anyone recommend a good C#.Net project that I can help with?

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Pierre Bouillon

5/4 since last week, mostly small ones but still fulfilling to bring a little something to the open source community 😄

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Swastik Baranwal

Waiting for my PR review

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Sammy Israwi

0/4 yet 😢 been busy with moving and starting a new job, I need to catch up and find projects to contribute to

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Jalaj • Edited

so pull requests on our own repo counts or not?

edit: nvm sctolling down gave me the answer!