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DEV Summer Style

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Whether you're hitting the beach, heading to a conference, or just planning on taking it easy this summer, we have new DEV gear for you!

Fanny Packs

DEV Fanny Packs
These come in 2 different color combinations, and both have the same inner rainbow pocket. They are perfect for walking around and looking like a totally awesome nerd. High quality zippers, and made in the USA.

Beach Towel

Beach Towel
Dog approved

You probably shouldn't bring your computer to the beach, but with this DEV towel you can still show off your DEV <style> 😉

Vintage Hat

Vintage Hat
Stay cool all summer in this vintage denim style hat.

Check out all of the merch in the DEV shop!

Have an idea for something you want to see in the shop? Let me know in the comments. My DMs are also open if you want to reach out directly about anything shop related.

Happy coding!

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things i like: art & design, yoga, and vegetarian cooking

The DEV Team

The team behind this very platform. 😄


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I love seeing her I can't help it.


She is the best! We need to make her a DEV dog collar haha.


I'd immediately buy one of those for Milo.


Can we though 😍


These are amazing! Any chance for a DEV bro-tank? Something along these lines:

Bro-Tank example

But, DEV-ish? I don't get into bro culture for very much, but nothing says summer like a nice "sun's out, guns out" bro tank. :)


I'd wear this quasi-ironically.


That's how it starts. You get it and go "Haha look at how much of a bro I look like," and before you know it, you're drunk on the freedom of not having sleeves.


Love this! Thanks for idea :)


Literally the day after I bought a fannypack, this comes out. I love it tho!!


I love that hat!


Need that towel.


Towel has been deployed.


Y'all - I can't spend all my money on Dev swag. I have to eat. Please stop!


All amazing additions, thanks for this.


Fanny packs are perfect.


Agreed, and they're really well made.


Hm....is today the day I learn to rock the fanny pack?


I'm wondering if the shop will ever sell a DEV mouse mat. 🤔🤓


Great idea 😃Maybe we'll look into this!


Awesome! You know what's summer? V-necks... I'm not stopping until you finally give in and make them 🤪


OMG Fanny Packs! I NEEEEEED this in my life. Now I have the dilemma of choosing a color or justifying both. :)


Could you not have released the vintage hat a few days ago when I ordered a shirt? ;-)


Want that beach towel. Nice look



We are moving into winter in the Southern Hemisphere, I'm loving the warm Dev hoodie :)



Was looking through the store the other day for hoodies and really wish they had that hoodie (black with white text) with a zip - would totally buy that!