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DevNews S1E4 — TypeScript 4.0, Gitee, Chromium, and Apple Drama! 🤺

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In this episode, my co-host Josh and I chatted about several news stories in the world of software development:

  • More developments on the Apple vs Epic Games spat! Epic garnered support from Microsoft, which publicly put out a statement in support of the gaming giant. Epic was also granted a temporary_restraining order_ against Apple. Apple has also gotten into a similar in-app purchase battle with WordPress. 😱
  • An announcement from China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology that Gitee had won a bid to work on the “2020 Open Source Hosting Platform Project”. What does this GitHub competitor mean for open source in China?
  • The Google Chromium team’s announcement that they are planning to add native browser support for directly accessing TCP and UDP ports. What does this spell for security on Twitter?

Josh and I also talked to two guests this week

Nathan Shively-Sanders has been at Microsoft working on compilers for about 10 years — and five of them have been dedicated to TypeScript. One of Nathan’s areas of TypeScript expertise is the language’s JavaScript-editing support within VS Code and other editors.

Orta Therox has been at Microsoft for about a year and has worked on TypeScript for their entire tenure there. Orta came to the team with a focus on how TypeScript and the wider ecosystem interact — and played a major part in launching TypeScript’s new website.

Nathan and Orta joined us to talk about the new version of TypeScript, version 4.0! Josh and I learned more about TypeScript and its purposes, what TypeScript offers devs over other open source programming languages, and much more!

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I hope you tune in to the DevNews podcast, where we cut through the impossibly noisy news cycle to surface developer stories that impact many of us in this space. 🗞️🗞️🗞️

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Thanks to @levisharpe for producing & mixing the show, my co-host in this episode, @joshpuetz and @saronyitbarek for editorial oversight.

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Gracie Gregory (she/her)

Great episode this week!

graciegregory profile image
Gracie Gregory (she/her)

... Also, DevNews has me totally spellbound by the Apple vs Epic situation 🤼

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Ben Halpern

Great show