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Free Coil trial for all #gftwhackathon participants

In case you missed it, last week we announced the Grant for the Web Hackathon right here on DEV:

As we shared in the post, there are few options for wallets that can receive payments via the Web Monetization API. But what about the other side of the equation?

While there will be more wallets for sending payments as the ecosystem grows, right now the first and only Web Monetization provider is Coil.

The team from Coil is generously offering all #gftwhackathon participants a free, 3-month trial to Coil. This offer gives you the opportunity to experience Web Monetized browsing from the user side, and will allow you to thoroughly test your own hackathon submission as you continue building.

To take advantage of this free trial, please leave a comment right here in this thread. We’ll get in touch by messaging the email associated with your DEV account.

We’re thankful that the Coil team is making this offer available to the community, and we hope that it helps you make even more progress on your submission.

P.S. DEV will be big experimenters in the field of web monetization in order to help indie creators get paid in this less centralized way. We'll have more info coming soon in the form of posts and PRs, in the meantime take advantage of this Coil trial to get in on the ecosystem early.

Happy Coding!

Top comments (93)

peter profile image
Peter Kim Frank

👋 I’m working on a submission for the Grant for the Web Hackathon. Please email me information about how to sign up for the Coil trial.

ben profile image
Ben Halpern

Yup, we'll be circling back to this daily (starting on Monday) to get folks their free trials.

jakesweb profile image
Jacob Colborn

I am in the process of developing an entry. I already have a coil account that I have not signed up for a subscription, would I need to create a new one or just use the existing one?

chrislarry33 profile image
Chris Lawrence

Your existing one should be fine

alispivak profile image
ali spivak

You can use your existing account & enter the personal trial code (which will be emailed to you after you request it from the DEV team) in the membership tab, in the promo code field.

atsmith813 profile image
Alex Smith

I'd love to participate! Can you please hook me up via email? Thanks! 🙏🏽

molly profile image
Molly Struve (she/her)

Web Monetized browsing sounds interesting. I'd love to try it out 😎

projectescape profile image
Aniket • Edited

I'm going to be participating too!!
Please mail me the information required for the trial

dfoderick profile image
Dave Foderick

Dear Coil. Please reach out to me in regards to Coil membership trial.

nafis profile image
Nafis Fuad

Thanks a lot for arranging this, it would be great to get a free Coil trial for development.

diegotorres profile image
Diego Torres

Hey! I'm the founder of moncon, new way to monetize content! more news are coming soon ;-)
We are working on the apply for the Grant For The Web!
Happy to be here, learn from all of you a try to do my bit :D
@ben Where is my Coil trial??? (Amazing work with Coil, guys)

tomas profile image
Tomás Arias

Hi, would love to test Coil to work on the hackathon, thanks!

thomasbnt profile image
Thomas Bnt ☕

I would like to test that ! 👋

alispivak profile image
ali spivak

For those who have asked about a trial account on Coil, to activate the trail you will need to create the Coil account, then go to the Membership section ( and put your personal trial code (sent to you by the DEV team) into the "Redeem code" section at the bottom.

mrmuhammadali profile image
Muhammad Ali

I read about the web monetization api yesterday and really wanted to try it out. I know I'm late to the party but I already have completed gatsby-plugin-monetization. Now I need Coil trial account to create an example for gatsby. Can I get one? Thanks

katieraby profile image
Katie Raby

I am participating too and would love to take advantage of the free trial! Thank you ⭐️

sharon profile image

Working on GfTW Hackathon with @elliot ! Interested in the Coil trial :)

elliot profile image

@ben @sharon commented a bit late! Just shouting out, if there are any trials left we would love to use it!

abhinavchawla13 profile image
Abhinav Chawla

I'll like to enrol in the free trial as well :)