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Grant for the Web Hackathon deadline is one week away!

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Update: The submission deadline has been extended to Sunday, June 14.

A quick reminder that the Grant for the Web Hackathon submission deadline is just one week away.

You have plenty of time to get started or to wrap things up as we roll into the weekend. We don’t favor early entries, but it's always best for you to get them in before the last minute πŸ˜‰

Need help? This thread to the rescue!

Participation rules and prizes detailed in our announcement post up top.

A few awesome projects/submissions we've seen so far:

Emma is creating an app that makes it more appealing for content creators to create monetized content and for readers to sign up for these services 🎨

Robert built a browser extension that lets you track and manage your micropayments to web-monetized websites in a way that remains secure and private πŸ”₯

Jasmin is in the process of building a web component that allows users to pay for the granular content they are interested in v.s. buying an entire course_πŸ’°

Happy Coding!

P.S. Don't miss this awesome offer from the first and only web monetization provider, Coil:

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I'm intrigued but I only have this weekend free and unfortunately(?) I really need decent sleep/rest time πŸ˜­πŸ˜…. I would not be expecting to win naturally but I'm racking my brain to create something really small & simple that I could finish in time!


It's been great working on our project so far.