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Help test the DEV beta app!

jess profile image Jess Lee (she/her) ・1 min read

To all the iOS users out there: we'd love your help testing the DEV beta app. None of us on the core team are mobile experts but, with the help from a few community members, we've stood something up that can be released soon after a few bugs are sorted out.

If you're interested in helping us report and/or fix these bugs, please download the app. This link should provide all the details (you'll have to download TestFlight first): https://testflight.apple.com/join/7Wq8VRLQ

And the GitHub repo for anyone interested in poking around:

GitHub logo thepracticaldev / DEV-ios

DEV Community iOS App

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This is the repo for the dev.to iOS app.


Released first version, more info: https://twitter.com/bendhalpern/status/1061323718058786822

Design ethos

We will grow to include more native code over time, but for now we are taking the approach of native shell/web views. This approach lost favor early in iOS days, but I believe it is a very valid approach these days. It is inspired by how Basecamp does things. Our tech stack is a bit different, but the ideas are the same.





By leveraging wkwebviews as much as possible, I think we can make this all pretty awesome and sync up with our web dev work pretty smoothly. And where it makes sense, we can re-implement certain things fully native, or build entirely native features. Life's a journey, not a destination.


  1. Fork and clone the project.
  2. Install Carthage. If you use Homebrew…

Thanks for your help 🙏

The DEV Team

The team behind this very platform. 😄


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To anybody curious: The Android app will follow. iOS got prioritized due to Apple's crappy support for PWA. 🙃


A question: is the app "wrapping" the PWA? If I'm not mistaken the API is not out in the wild so I guess you're using "web views" or something like that. Would love to read an article about how you and the contributors built it.


Great idea for a post. The repo contains the gist of the approach but I could definitely walk through the process.


Personally I prefer an optimized PWA over installing a native app on Android, but I guess there's still enough people who want to use Apps...

(Android should just simply support setting a default PWA Browser which is different to the default browser.. When Chrome Canary is broken, it's really annoying that my PWAs also don't work..)


I wonder how many regular users are aware of PWAs at all.

I'm loving the PWA on android. Using Edge for Android and have it pinned to my homepage. Notifications don't come through though.


Why not Expo? ;)


haha..thanks. Good to know the poorer section of the globe who arent IOS also have hope!


Omg! Just moved to iPhone! Perfect timing!

Edit: This is incredible, but as a Python dev can we move to self.DEV instead of DEV.self 😂 (jk)


Ahh I’m thinking about switching too! How’s the transition?


I switched last December after being in Android my whole life and it was a little bit strange in the beginning, but totally worth it. It also plays very nicely with other Apple devices, if you have any!


me too! can we do a support group? :D


It's a little weird -- a lot of the gestures are different. It's an awesome, awesome phone though. The camera is excellent and it looks really nice!


Hm... But why make a mobile app / PWA? Dev.to works perfectly fine in the mobile browser. I added dev.to to my home screen from my Android's google chrome (it has it's special spot in my reading folder). Pretty sure you can do that on iPhone too. Unless there's a need for native mobile capabilities, I don't think the overhead costs of managing two more mobile projects is worth it?


iPhone does support it (I use it myself) but the support is not great. Clicking on links opens the tab in the PWA window, and if you close the PWA and then come back to it, it will refresh the "app" and go back to /. While I don't think I'll download the app because the drawbacks aren't enough for me to be that upset with the experience, but native apps are still very necessary for that "real mobile" experience on ios. Mobile safari also doesn't support notifications etc.


Ah, I see what you mean. That's pretty annoying. Had that issue before when I added Quora to the home screen (gave up and installed the mobile app). But so far, hadn't had any issues doing this for dev.to :D.


Yeah, this is it. Native true-believers may be disappointed that the app will still largely be web/browser-driven.


I wish more screen estate was dedicated to the article. The social bar should maybe be part of the top toolbar?

PS. posting a screenshot via the app was a bit complicated. Pasting the URL from the small edit field and then writing the markdown for it.


I just like the PWA as android user but the benefit of an app is more popularity due to the fact that the logo can be seen on the app stores (android and ios) and therefore possibly will attract more users.

Just my 2 cents :-)


Loving the app so far except for one thing - when I try to upload an image in a comment, I’m unable to actually target and then copy the resulting url. A button to automatically copy the url to your clipboard would be fantastic!


Cool, I created an issue 😇

Improve Image Upload & Copy/Paste #81

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe. From a comment on dev.to:

when I try to upload an image in a comment, I’m unable to actually target and then copy the resulting url.

Describe the solution you'd like

A button to automatically copy the url to your clipboard would be fantastic!


Testflight link is broken guys


@mungaiandela and @joppedc are you still getting an error?


Nope working now and replying with the app 😉


Installed — looks brilliant! Well done.


Downloaded and posting this comment from the mobile app ⚡️


I done dev.to android app half year ago. It's just simple webview, but works nice. I even wrote email to dev.to support about it, but there is no answer.


Good day

How do I get the Redeem Code for use with test flight?


I installed test flight app, and open the link above in safari.


Awesome! Will take a look soon!


Working pretty well on the iPhone XS! Now I’ll have to be careful about spending too much more time on DEV!


Sadly, the testflight url gives me an internal server error :(


Finally! I was waiting for this. The app looks great so far. I'm posting this comment from the app itself. It's all nice and dandy, haha.


Would you be be open to starting a gitter/discord/slack for bug reporting and convos regarding contributing? @ben , @jess ?


Hey Jen! I can add you to our iOS group on DEV Connect :)
We try and consolidate all bug reports on the iOS repo -- github.com/thepracticaldev/DEV-ios


Ace, thanks! 🤘


Wish I had an iPhone around.

Today I went to the Apple Store to checkout the iPhone XR and see its size but I was one day early. Maybe I can "testflight" the app on one of those in the store :D


hello from dev ios app ✌️😘😎


I want this app 😍


I don’t see the notifications badge on the app icon even when i have unread notifications.


I am using dev.to web app in android for some time and it works quite well. There is a wrapper on playstore but it's not good . Hope the native Android app will come soon.❤️


At first glance it’s very nice so far.
Wouldn’t mind seeing password manager support but that isn’t really priority.


Hmm I get the started screen on every bottom tab :(


I wrote this comment from the mobile app. So far so good.


Timing it perfectly with the Xr release 👌


At first loading,dev.self is very heavy:(
other than very fast.
I love it!


I had this problem too. Took a really long time on first load but now going back to it and refreshing is speedy.