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Introducing our December 2018 sponsors

As we round out a wonderful year at, we want to give our final monthly sponsor thank you of 2018.

These three of these organizations have been multi-month sponsors. Their ongoing commitment to the community has been amazing and their commitment to great developer tooling just as much.

Please take a few minutes to check out their offerings and consider them for your company or next project.


DigitalOcean is a much-loved cloud computing platform. I'm always impressed by how well-built and well-documented the DigitalOcean core products are. It's easier said than done, and they've been able to stay ahead of the curve.

DigitalOcean has been our longest-running supporter to date, and we're extremely thankful for their consistent support. Their commitment to the developer ecosystem is crystal clear.


Twilio has been a great friend of ours since early in the days. We are users of their APIs, and folks from our team are always excited to get involved in their community initiatives. It's great to have them as a sponsor!

I can personally say that we chose Twilio Video because it made really great use of native peer-to-peer browser technology while also offering Twilio's infrastructure for necessary use cases wrapped in the same API. The docs and examples were well-organized and getting up and running was a synch.


Raygun is an error, crash, and monitoring software service. Their products center around real usability, including frontend performance issues that we are often blind to in our web observability practices.

Consistency and ease of service is critical in this domain, and Raygun has earned a great reputation. Definitely check them out if you are looking to improve your monitoring.

These organizations are helping us build the best community we can. I urge you to check out their offerings if you are in the market for their services.

Happy coding ❤️

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Peter Kim Frank

A huge thank you to these three organizations. As I shared in our 2018 Sponsors Recap, we truly rely on the support from these community benefactors, and it's all the more special to work with companies that have extended their support over multiple months.

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Jess Lee

Having a fully reoccurring group of sponsors is a true celebration for us. Thank you all for putting resources into DEV and believing in this community.

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Joe Hobot

👍 Great companies.

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