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Listen to the season 8 finale of DevDiscuss!

The season 8 finale of DevDiscuss is here... already!

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We're closing out season 8 with a fascinating exploration of the open source community software that powers DEV itself... Forem

Quick refresher — DevDiscuss is the first original podcast from DEV all about the burning topics that impact all our lives as developers.


  • @ben — Creator of DEV & Co-Founder of Forem


  • @jennieocken is Forem's Head of Product. She brings a business and market perspective into the software development process and represent the software development team to the business and market. As a passionate user advocate and visionary product owner, she strikes the right balance between user needs and business results, between market demand and technical requirements.
  • @asheren — is Forem's Head of Engineering. She is a self-taught web developer with over a decade of leadership and management experience.

Let us know your thoughts on this episode and/or season 8 in the comments below — or on Twitter (@thepracticaldev ).

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Thanks for tuning in to DevDiscuss over the past 8 episodes. We'll be back soon for a brand new season of exploring the burning topics that impact all our lives as developers ❤️

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