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Season Two of the DevDiscuss Podcast is Here! πŸŽ‰

We launched our first original podcast, DevDiscuss, back in May and it's been incredible to read your responses and follow the growth of the series. DevDiscuss has given @ben and I the chance to hear from some truly inspiring and fascinating voices in software development β€” that includes our featured guests and YOU, the community. Together, we've tackled big questions that are relevant across tech for devs at every level. Topics like neurodiversity, the importance of hobbies, and the relevance of Ruby in 2020.

I'm thrilled to share that we're back for the second season of DevDiscuss as of today. This season will deliver more deep and engaging discussions about the subjects that affect your career and wellbeing as a human being on the Internet. DevDiscuss will also give us more opportunities to reflect on our industry together in the open. I hope you'll tune in!

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The season two premiere episode is focused on a topic that matters to each and every one of us on the daily: productivity. As a software architect at ThoughtWorks and author of The Productive Programmer, Neal Ford knows a thing or two about the habits and tools that impact developer productivity. Ben and I were really excited to have them as our first guest of the season.

You can listen to the episode directly here on DEV (and continue browsing the site!), or any other platform that supports podcasts.

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FYI - If you follow the podcast on DEV, new episodes will show up directly in your feed πŸ˜‰

What you need to know about DevDiscuss this season

As always, each week's episode of DevDiscuss begins with a conversation between Ben, myself, and our guest(s) and ends with commentary straight from the community. This means that every week, you'll get the chance to hear your own voice on a future episode DevDiscuss! @gracie has been sharing weekly #discuss posts soliciting your thoughts on a given topic. Look out for those and leave your answers via article comment OR by sending us a voice recording.

Here's an example of one such post from last week:

We'd love to hear from you and feature your voice on the podcast ⭐

We're also continuing our sticker offer from season one! If you'd like to earn a pack of FREE DEV laptop stickers, all you have to do is listen to DevDiscuss and/or DevNews, subscribe if you want to (🀞), leave us a review on Apple podcasts, and submit this quick form.

A huge thanks to @levisharpe for producing & mixing the show, and @peter and @saronyitbarek for their editorial oversight.

A final, huge thanks to our Season 2 sponsors. Without their support, this show wouldn't be possible:

We hope you enjoy the premiere episode of DevDiscuss β€” and the rest of season two ❀️

Happy Coding!

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Thanks to the hosts for being awesome πŸ™β€

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