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The 7 Most Popular DEV Posts from the Past Week

1. 😱😱😱

An exaggerated post on the evils of web frameworks to deliver on important message: make sure you understand the basics before defaulting to web frameworks without consideration.

2. 😍 Git Alias 😍

Christine shares her git workflow and some of her favorite git aliases. The community chimes in on their workflows and aliases as well. Do you use any of these?

3.👍 Rules of Thumb 👎

Despite the article title, this post has helpful tips for non-newbies as well!

4. 🤩 Obsessed with clean code ✨

Ali keeps her code clean by obsessing over 7 practices so future developers (and herself) can maintain her applications with ease.

5. 😕 Missed Opportunities 😕

Clean architecture is always at the top of reading lists for software developers. In this post, Blaine goes against the norm and tells us the major teaching opportunities the author missed and how the book just didn't meet his expectations.

6. ⏭ One Pass Only ⏭

A list of useful tricks with the Stream Editor, a text transformation tool that comes bundles with every unix system.

7. 📺 Your life will be so much easier! 📺

You, yes, you, can become the proud owner of a brand-spanking-new automatic interactive pre-commit hook checklist!

'nuff said, sign me up.

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Kim Arnett 


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Ben Halpern

I know right!

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Jonathan Irvin

That's awesome! I totally aspire to make this list one day.