There's a new DEV theme in town for all you 10x hackers out there (plus one actually useful new feature)

Ben Halpern on October 24, 2019

I'm excited to announce a new DEV theme... "Ten X Hacker". It's the only theme you'll use if you are a ninja rockstar magician. It features the ico... [Read Full]
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Nice, now a suggestion: add a random theme. On each reload we should get one different. Not completely useful but I'd use it πŸ˜‚


The new theme makes me really happy β€” not because of the theme, but because of the joy I like to think it brought you while you were coding it. Goofy smiles all the way.


Thank you. It hurts my eyes, but that is a small price to pay to achieve 10x.

Also gonna feel hella cyberpunk using this theme on BART at night. πŸ˜‚


Just wanna mention I have been using this theme now full time and it's really grown on me! It's a lot of fun and my eyes have adapted. πŸ–₯


I like the monospace addition. As for theme, It sounds cool but when I switched t it, It was a bit too highcontrast for my taste, and images looked odd with it. therefore after few minutes, I switched back to night mode.


I don't know any fo the languages used for this but I find it really neat to see the PR associated to the news! I know what I'm looking at, and even if I don't have the comprehension level of the contributor(s) I can understand the big picture.


Hey, so the 10x engineer theme is quite nice as an accessibility theme, considering that the contrast is high and the gradients are simple.

One request though: hyperlinks are not marked in any way. Could they perhaps be underlined, like a real hacker would? 😁


Thanks sir for the latest theme addition, I really loved it, immediately switched to it.

But one thing I noticed is that the links are no longer looking different than the normal text. Is there some caching going on at my end, not sure. But just letting the forum know, is there a better way to report this.



Hey @ben , could you change the way links look so we know when there is a link in the middle of the text please?

can't tell the difference between links and text


Oh! I didn't know you could change dev.to interface settings! Coool!


My eyes...I keep the night theme, I love the blue, rocks.

Good work !


Personally, I like the night theme better, but the monospace font is absolutely better then the other choices, IMHO.


The only thing more enjoyable then switching to this new theme is the fact I got to look at the PR to see how it done!


There are a bunch of themes for dev on userstyles.org, have you seen them?


Love the static navbar setting so that I can enjoy the extra screen space when reading on my phone πŸ‘€. Makes me wonder if a similar thing can be done with the reaction bar.


Awesome! One thing I noticed is that monospace isn't applied to titles in posts (or titles in general).
But still I switched to the new theme and monospace, will try it out for a couple of days.


I am finding myself hacking away 10x better already. It actually works! 🀯😎


With font as Comic Sans gets even better. πŸ‘Œ


I love that you've all added comic sans as a font issue. (yes yes it's ugly but it helps with reading .... readability ...)


Damn my lame username, is the cereal_killer username still available? I guess I may also use crash_overdrive or zero_cool. Also, d0 1 h4v3 70 wr173 1n l337 n0w? I'm not very good at it.


Y35, 1 7h1n4 u51n6 7h15 7h3m3 r3qu1r35 0n3 70 wr173 1n 1337.


Well, I am gonna stick with my pink theme, but still, it is so COOL!


Aubergine will be here any day now I'm certain of it πŸ˜‰


Yessssssssss thanks dev team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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