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Custom Fonts in Xamarin.Forms

The right fonts immediately help make any design better and more consistent across platforms. Quickly embed a font resource and enable it for cross-platform use in Xamarin.Forms, and be sure to set a default color for Labels so Android behaves.

The font I chose is similar to the default, so be sure to look at the numbers in the final comparison.


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A mobile app to track Xamarin news and explore all the goodness that is .NET for Mobile developers

Check Out the Prototype

Launch the Figma Prototype.

  • If you are able, please add any comments using the Figma comment feature.
  • If you are unable (and I suspect this will be the case), please open an Issue here.

Note that this is a clickable prototype. Tap around. This is NOT the design. :)

Let's Build an App!

We are working on a new gallery app for all of us to enjoy. The app should:

  • Be A Collaboration - join us as we iterate through the design, user experience, and implementation.
  • Be Gorgeous - Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms are being used every day to create top notch apps. Let's show that!
  • Be Modern - Xamarin.Forms is shipping new features to make it easier than ever to deliver current user experience.
  • Be Useful - Rather than just a static gallery, the app should be useful as a tool for your to…

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