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Company ask me recommendation for Vue 3

While finished 2 courses from Zero To Mastery Academy, Js Advanced Concept, Junior To Senior Web Developer and currently learning Data Structures and Algorithm plus Vue 2 - 3.

I'm looking for jobs on Upwork and suddenly a job post ask me couple questions, that i find out relevant to share.

If you started a brand new project tomorrow, would you personally use Vue 2 or 3, and why?
Vue 3.

There are certainly benefits of using it and just to mention a couple ones:

  • Lightweight
  • V-model redesign mechanism (which makes more easy to handle and maintain code), make it simpler to handle multiple models with simple payload.
  • Reactivity now use Proxy Object instead of Object.defineProperty which benefits from a native object in JavaScript, ergo improve performance.
  • Composition API, that makes the code much more modular an easy to debug.
  • Typescript support, which makes the code scalable.

What is your preference, to use Bootstrap as mostly the skeleton and write more custom CSS? Or, to try and do as much as possible with native bootstrap styles and minimal custom CSS?

It's gonna depends on the budget and the client requirements.
If client prioritizes design over boilerplate, use Bootstrap or Vuetify will be a way to go candidate.

What is your process for selecting an npm package for a given problem? Lets say I want to find a package for phone number inputs and many meet your requirements, how would you evaluate which repo is best?

The more packages a project has, the more problems we'll have to handle. Stick to native as much as possible, while keep complexity very low.
Repeated code in some circumstances, may benefit more in term of cost/time rather than a package. ( There is a heated debate over this )

Even so, if I need to choose a package this will roughly be the criteria.

  • Vue recommendations
  • Adoption by the community
  • Open source
  • Maintainers activity

If you wanna complete my answer, please, feel free to do it.

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deexter profile image

I strongly do not recommend Vue If you plan to build larger project.
Currently strugling with microfrontend, support, ssr and vuetify.
I feel still typescript support is better in react than in vue. Maybe in jsx it would be better.

eulier profile image
Eulier Gonzalez

Nuxt may help you with SSR, it'll adopt Vue 3 & Typescript by default.

bruce_taotao profile image

Thanks for sharing~~ I will use Vue3 on new project

igorraphael profile image
Igor Raphael

Thanks for sharing! Vue 3 with vite is amazing. I am using ant and looks good.