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I was a waiter. Later I joined an IT company. Then I joined WordPress development.


I was an International Services Manager for a college - helping international students navigate the UK visa and academic system 😊

Made the career change a few years back via this great place called CodeClan here - so glad I did!♥️


As recently as the beginning of this year, I was a gainfully employed ski-bum!...

At least, that's what I tell people



I worked as a lifeguard on a scuba diving boat in The Bahamas.


Local cricket player 🏏 and something called "Just Theory" Student :|


Professional event catering, barista/coffee shop manager, organic farmer, food truck driver, now I've been accountant for two years...

Maybe next up programming??


carpenter and tree trimmer
Realized it would send me to an early grave so I decided to be a developer and sit all day...


Sitting all day will send you to an early grave as well. After 30+ years my health is shot and it's a struggle to recover.

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Thing's I've learned so far starting an open source project - March 2019

A collection of thoughts on what I have learned so far since starting my open source game "company" this year.

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I am an android developer trying to change the world with code.