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The Roadmap To Becoming A Fullstack Web Developer

As the years go by the tech industry evolves,a lot of new technologies and frameworks are been built for developers like Nextjs, Gatsby, Deno and others..

Most people looking forward to learning web development and mastering the art of full stack web development will become overwhelmed due to this new technologies. But there is a much easier to become a full stack developer and it doesn't cost much .

What Is FullStack Web Development ? Fullstack web development is the implementation of both frontend technologies and backend technologies to build a dynamic web application.

Who Is A Fullstack Web Developer ? A fullstack web developer is sinply someone who builds web applications that consists of both frontend and backend web technologies.

Can A Beginner Be A Fullstack Developer ? Yes indeed.But it takes time and determination to achieve this because of the new technologies.

Learn all you need to know about web development here:

Well ,Here Is The Road Map :

Learn HTML HTML is a markup and structuring language. It is simply used for structuring web pages.Think of HTML as the root or the skeleton of a web page or a website.Itpro very easy to use and learn.

Learn CSS CSS is a styling language. It is used for styling or designing a web page.It helps in adding colorful and cool designs,animations and transitions to your webpage.Usually a website built with only HTML doesn't have any design,so that's why CSS is used to beautify your website.

Learn CSS Frameworks (Bootstrap , Bulma, Materialize CSS) CSS frameworks are really handful tools because they are allow you to write less code but do more. They help you in designing your website without having to write much codes for your website. They are easy to use and they make use of classes to work with your HTML website.They are also useful when it comes to responsive design as well.

Learn JavaScript JavaScript can be defined in two terms which are in terms of scripting and programming. JavaScript is a scripting and programming language used for adding interactivity and functionality to your website.For example: you want a alert a user when he/she clicks on a button.You could do that by adding JavaScript to Framework)ite to achieve this.Think of JavaScript as the backbone of your web page.

Learn jQuery jQuery is a JavaScript library built in order to help in the manipulation of HTML DOM elements, as well as event handling, CSS animations, and AJAX. The goal is to write less and do more. It will come in handy when working with DOM elements.

Learn JavaScript Frameworks/Libraries(React, Angular, Vue) There are a lot of JavaScript Frameworks out there that help in building of dynamic and fast web applications.But the problem is that you can't learn it all,you learn a few and be good at it. JavaScript Frameworks was designed for the purpose of developing PWAs(Progressive Web Applications), SPAs(Single Page Applications), static pages and lot more.

Learn Backend languages(Node js, PHP, Django) Now you are going to be learning web development in another level.Backend development is the building of server side applications.It is simply web applications that handles requests and reponses that communicate to the server.Think of it as a behind the scenes of web development.It controls how the web page works and functions. You can build a lot of web applications that are complex and large scale like Blogging sites, social medias, music platforms and many more. There are various backend languages to learn,Some which are PHP(Laravel, Codeigniter, CakePHP) JavaScript (Nodejs, Adonis) Go(Fiber) Python (Django, Flask) and others ......

Learn Database (MongoDB, MySQL, Postgres) A database is a well structured and organized collection of data, which are stored and accessed from a computer system. It is simply a way of storing data which you can be able to store and access them. You can store any type of data ranging from integers, strings,arrays and others. This works hand in hand with backend languages and is useful when building web applications that store datas that need to be accessed.Think of it as a safe for storing data you collect.

Learn Git Git is a distributed version-control system that allows you to track changes in your source code during development. It is built to help organize changes made to a source code. Think of it as a place for accessing and making the changes you make to your website while developing them. It would prove useful when working with your projects .

Learn Cloud and Cloud Development Cloud is a virtual place in the internet that is used to store data that can be accessible from any computer or device. Cloud development is just the process of integrating the use of cloud to your web applications to store your data in the internet. Let's say you are building a web application for posting videos ,instead of allowing the videos to be stored on your PC which means the videos posted can only be accesed on your pc,you can have it stored in the cloud so it can be accessed from any device. There are various cloud storage platforms like Dropbox , Amazon Web Service, Cloudinary and others...

Well, this is the a short overview of the roadmap to becoming a Fullstack developer.

Thanks for reading If you feel I am missing something, kindly comment below and don't forget to drop a like and follow me

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