How To Become Productive When Coding.

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Once again,Hi to you all here,have you ever tried coding but you weren't productive??😳😳
That's hurts a lot. Most developers out there find it hard to be productive when building applications.

First let's me define the term productivity.Productivity is the process of being productive and what is productive.The act of working on something to yield good results.
In order for you to be productive,you must have inner peace and set a goal for yourself .

Inner peace:
The act of being relaxed and calm physically and mentally. Having a relaxed mind is one of the best way to be productive because you can be able to think properly and straight without being distracted and carried away.How do you achieve inner peaceπŸ˜•πŸ˜•.Well all you have to do is meditate in a quiet place and relax your brain,body and soul.After that you can get on your PC.

Set Goals:
Setting goals as a developer makes your work a bit faster because you don't have to start thinking of what to do and how to do it.What goals are these?There are:
What do I need to do?
How can I accomplish this?
What tools are required ?
What methods do I use?
Those of some of the few things you need to set up a goal to achieve. Building software isn't as easy as you think without laying out goals.

Who doesn't like Coffee πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Music affects your soul and body mentally.Listening to one's favorite song that make you productive. Though I could have added to link to get smooth music that will keep you up and running.

Thanks for reading.
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You are so right, although i am new at this i get up first thing in the morning spend some time with God, get some coffee and when i am feeling bright and full of energy that is my best time for learning and setting goals for what i want to do that day and can focus for the next six hours on accomplishing it. It is especially important for when i am distracted with how much there is to learn free out there and don't know which order to do it in! Your posts are very orderly and help me to organize my thoughts thanks again!


Thanks for sharing your experience :-D


Have a good sleep, go for a walk, automate, don't waste time on repetitive tasks, bookmark...